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LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff.

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1 LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff

2 Recruitment and selection procedures Staff development Professional development Staff welfare

3 By the end of the lesson you should be able to: Identify the purpose of an appraisal. Identify the advantages to the employee and the employer of performing appraisals. Identify features of an ineffective and effective appraisal. Identify areas a successful appraisal will highlight.

4 Measure, assess, rate and record employee performance. Carried out annually. Management by objectives – setting targets and measuring in line with organisational goals. Competency based – measures how work is carried out. 360° – variety of people used in assessment process, builds an overall profile.

5 Identify and match personal and business objectives. Identify employee potential. Identify training needs. Control and monitor performance. Assist self-development of employees.

6 BenefitsProblems Provide an open forum for discussion – personal and professional development Focus on weaknesses Improve communications – feedback on performance Issues not acted upon – targets not referred back to Opportunity for skills developmentApportioning blame Training needs identified – weaknesses eliminated Employer focused – guarded against criticism Targets set - motivationNot enough time assigned to appraisal

7 Objective – open forum for discussion Participative – both parties involved Considered – realistic targets set Developmental – employee builds on strengths to the benefit of the organisational objectives

8 Job performance Communication skills IT skills – new equipment Customer service skills – new methods Future training and development Personal goals and targets, eg timekeeping Career objectives – promotion prospects

9 Meeting deadlines Number of sales Number of complaints Employee contribution to company profits

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