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Alan Doherty Linlithgow Academy ( photos ) Malcolm McDonald Bathgate Academy.

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1 Alan Doherty Linlithgow Academy ( photos ) Malcolm McDonald Bathgate Academy

2 Karachi Management of Urban Change APPLICATION Management of urban change Population growth,industry, housing,services,quality of life and inequalities which arise in a city in the developing world

3 Land Use in Karachi

4 How many people in Karachi ? 1833 Small fishing village 14000 Size of Bathgate !!! 1941 Industrial development 436000 Size of Edinburgh 1951 In-migration from India 1290000 1991 ( Afghanistan civil war ) 8.5 million Scotland = 5million

5 How do katchi abadis grow ? Older Katchi Abadis -Lyari 600000 Migrants from countryside Getting more densely packed No planning at all Filling up empty spaces Building on roof Services are acquired

6 How do katchi abadis grow ? Illegal subdivisions Dallal acquires land Sub lets to slum dwellers Arranges water supplies Protects residents from eviction Once big enough it is safe

7 How do katchi abadis grow ? Organised Invasions Poorer people cant pay rent Pick out a site Occupy it in the evening Build houses on it at night Try to prevent demolition

8 What are the houses like ? Very temporary Made of reeds And wooden poles Temporary More wood Prolonged Concrete bricks Semi permanent Plastered walls Permanent Can add extra storey

9 Inequalities ? Architect designed Car owners Water 2 hrs per day Water use = 10% For 0.5% population

10 Solutions Success or Failure ? IRP Improvement and Regularisation Programme Survey of all unauthorised katchi abadis to see if they could be improved. Secure land tenure Improvement of public utilities Development of a financial plan

11 Solutions Success or Failure ? OPD Open Plot Development Residents build own houses Community facilities Public utilities

12 Solutions Success or Failure ? UWD Utility Wall Development

13 Solutions Success ORANGI Katchi Abadi In NW Karachi home of 1,000,000 shanty dwellers Diseases like typhoid, malaria,diarrhoea,dysentery scabies Many live 5 to a room 20% of babies dont reach their first birthday Karachi Development Corporation cannot organise services..... no taxes paid by many residents 1500 people died in riots in 1995-96

14 Solutions Success ORANGI PILOT PROJECT In 1980 the OPP began, to try to develop and improve basic services, particularly sanitation. The residents are managing, financing, operating and maintaining an underground sewerage system. Installation of septic tanks between each toilet and the underground sewage pipes Residents have collected over £1.2 million Literacy rates up from 35% to 70% Infant mortality fallen from 130 per 1000 to 37

15 Karachi Skyline

16 Street in Karachi

17 Laundry

18 Brickworks

19 Bowser water lorry

20 Water queue

21 Garbage dump

22 Katchi abadi housing

23 Defence housing

24 Mobile home ?

25 Use of water

26 Middle Class house

27 Middle Class house with garden

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