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The Internet Unit Information Systems, Higher. The Internet HTML Two sets of notes.

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1 The Internet Unit Information Systems, Higher

2 The Internet HTML Two sets of notes

3 Notes on the Internet Internet services Communications hardware URL DNS Protocol TCP/IP, TCP/IP address, classes, sub netting Packet switching Internet security Internet regulatory boards/organisations Security and privacy RSA/PGP Internet use and the law Web resource information

4 Internet services List of Internet services World Wide Web (WWW) E-mail Conferencing and newsgroups File transfer and file updating Chat/instant message

5 Communications hardware Server side hardware consists of Computers Disk drives Communication links Multiplexor Hubs Switches Routers Gateways Bridges

6 URL URL structure Protocol Domain name Path File identifier Port number (optional)

7 TCP/IP Transmission protocol TCP IP

8 Packet switching Why packet switching? Need for IP Packet 2 Packet 3 Packet 4 Packet 1:5 Packet 5

9 TCP/IP classification 32-bit IP address Network ID Host ID 32 BITs Network IDHost ID

10 Internet security Viruses Un-authorised access (hacking) Denial of service attacks Information theft

11 Internet regulatory boards IETF IANA W3C NOMINET

12 Security and privacy Packet filtering Firewall Proxy server Packet filter router Or Firewall Or Proxy server Internet Host ID126.10.0.10

13 Security Encryption Key distribution problem RSA PGP Browser encryption Secure sockets

14 Law Data Protection Act 1984, 1989, 2000, 2004 Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988 Computer Misuse Act 1990

15 Policing the Internet Need for international agreement Problems reaching international agreements

16 HTML Client side Server side Client side Server side

17 HTML structure Start of document marker /End of document marker Heading /End of Heading Body /End of body This area is not displayed The content, which is displayed in the browser

18 HTML tags definitions Browser recognises and interprets HTML script instructions Ignore text

19 What is sent on WWW HTML script My Home Page

20 Enter HTML script

21 HTML transmission <html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft- com:office:office" xmlns:w="urn:schemas-microsoft- com:office:word" xmlns=" html40"> MY HOME PAGE My Home Page

22 Create website

23 WWW colors RGB colour system Hexadecimal Text color Bg color Anchor colours

24 HTML tables Similarity with spreadsheet Set up table Menu table Cellspacing Cellpadding

25 Uploading website Ftp software Publishing Index.html

26 Client side scripting JavaScript VBScript Compare JavaScript and VBScript Need for client side scripting Document.Write command Document.Cookie command

27 Submission form

28 Form validation Need for validation Simple VBS validation script Mailto: Problems with Mailto: CGI_bin Alert messages

29 PHP Future development Web server processing of hyper text MySQL Cookies and databases

30 Cascade style sheets Need for style sheets Writing CSS Three methods of including CSS

31 Outcome 2 Budget Airways Home Page.html Glasgow Departures.html Edinburgh Departures.html Dublin Departures.html Booking Form.html

32 Outcome 2 Create website Use tables Create submission form Form validation Hyper linking

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