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Badges of Responsibility

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1 Badges of Responsibility
Connecting the Agendas of Citizenship, Creativity, Enterprise, Eco-Schools and Health Promotion.

2 Who was involved in the project?
Primary 2 children Ms Thom – Class Teacher Mrs Pountney-Nursery Nurse Miss Baird –Classroom Helper All staff and all pupils at Whitfield Primary School in Dundee

3 How did the project begin?
Children love having responsibility it makes them feel valued. They enjoy being classroom helpers, computer monitors, playground assistants etc. Children often have these jobs in nursery/school but nobody knows what they are doing or why they are in corridors.

4 Decision to make badges
Making and wearing the badges would boost self-esteem. Making badges for the children who had responsibility in the school would ensure that these children were recognised as being “Responsible Citizens.” The type of badges we were going to make also shows the value our school places on giving pupils responsibility and involving them in the school community. (Pupil Councillors, Playground Assistants, Positive Citizens)

5 What did the children do?
Decided who we would need badges for. Consulted all staff and children about the type of badges they would like. Decided how many badges we would need. Collected and Organised the information. Displayed information. Created the badges using ICT/Art and Design.

6 What did the children do?
Involved all classes in school by asking them to judge winning designs. Uploaded the information to the School Website. Made comments about their project. Evaluated their work and uploaded to School Website. Designed a leaflet to go out to parents.



9 Comments from children
“I am learning to use the scanner.” “I like drawing the badges.” “I like putting the text on the badges.” I have learned how to get into School Website.”


11 Communicating with parents
Children designed leaflet to go out to inform parents about their project. The leaflet also provided the address of the school website.

12 Whitfield Primary School Website Address:
Information Leaflet Miss Thom and Primary 2 Dear Parents and Carers, Primary 2 children at Whitfield Primary School have been designing and making badges for the children who have responsibility in the school as part of a Mini-Enterprise this term. We have been helping to put the things we have done on the: Whitfield Primary School Website. Mrs Ritchie and Miss Thom have entered this project in Dundee Focus on Achievement Awards 2005. Please take the time to have a look through this leaflet to see the type of work Primary 2 have been doing and visit our Website: Our Badges Whitfield Primary School Website Address: We all take part Every child in Primary 2 has been involved in the project and so far the staff want us to make 225 badges. Some of the badges they have asked us to make are:- Classroom Helpers, Packed Lunch Helpers, Cloakroom Monitors, Playground Assistants and Litter Monitors. We are very busy but hope you have enjoyed reading this information and will want to find out more by visiting our School Website at the address below.

13 The way forward We are using the Connecting the Agendas format in our school as a way of creating rich and meaningful experiences for the pupils. We see this as a way of de-cluttering the curriculum and avoiding repetition between subjects which encourage using similar skills.

14 Curriculum of Excellence Comments
“better connect the various stages of the curriculum from 3 to 18.” “clear links between the different aspects of children’s learning..” “reduce over-crowding in the curriculum and make learning more enjoyable.”

15 Connecting Learning In Connecting the Agendas between Citizenship, Creativity, Enterprise, Eco-Schools and Health, we are also helping children to become: Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors.

16 Conclusion- Learning and Teaching Scotland
“Schools, should model the kind of society in which active citizenship is encouraged by providing all young people with opportunities to take on responsibilities and exercise choice.” (Professor Tom Wilson –LT Scotland)

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