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Technology for Instruction

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1 Technology for Instruction
Integrating Educational Technology Into Teaching Chapters 3 & 4

2 Five Instructional Software Functions
Drill and Practice Tutorial Simulation Instructional Game Problem Solving

3 Drill and Practice Learners answer problems and get feedback on correctness Differ in type of feedback and branching (moving ahead to more advanced questions or back to lower level depending on how questions are answered) Lower level skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy) Integration Strategies Replace worksheets and homework Prepare for tests Set time limits Assign individually Use learning stations Example: Math Online, Quia, Worksheet Creator

4 Tutorial Like a human tutor by providing information and activities
Summaries, explanation, practice, feedback, and assessment Integration Strategies Self-paced reviews Advanced students Instruction when teachers unavailable Assign individually Learning station Example: Congress for Kids, Science

5 Simulation Models real or imaginary systems to show how those systems work and to demonstrate concepts Emphasize learning about the system rather than problem-solving Integration Strategies Lab experiments Role-playing Field trips Introducing/clarifying a new topic Fostering exploration Encouraging cooperative work Can be used in small groups or whole class Examples: Simulation Resource List, Flight simulators, SimCity, Oregon Trail, Digital Frog

6 Instructional Game Increases motivation by adding game rules to drills and practice or simulations Integration Strategies In place of worksheets Cooperative work As a reward Use sparingly Emphasize content skills Example: Game Goo by Earobics

7 Problem-Solving Teaches steps involved in solving problems
Helps learners acquire problem-solving skills Integration Strategies To teach and support students in problem solving Encourage group problem solving Identify skills desired in process Stress thinking process Example: Alien Rescue, Science Topics

8 Integrated Learning System
The “whole package” Involves all of the previous types of software Most expensive Networked or online systems of instruction Can provide a complete curricula on a topic area Monitor student progress

9 Resources Great information in your text:
Top Ten page 101- recommends different software packages Software Evaluation page 109 Can be simplified Top Ten page 140 – different ways to use basic three software tools for instruction Tips on Teaching in Chapter 4 – how to teach and introduce basic three software tools

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