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Its more than a game, its your life…. What do you do online?

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1 Its more than a game, its your life…

2 What do you do online?

3 Online actions have offline consequences.

4 Music… In the real world would you: Be happy if the version of your favourite song was really bad quality ? Would it bother you if you played a song and as a result it caused expensive damage to your computer/CD player? Go into a shop and steal a CD? Be Ok if the music you played caused illegal content to appear on your computer? In the online world you are: Illegally downloading music covered by Copyright from peer to peer file sharing sites. Being fined a minimum of £1000 if you are caught. Often downloading viruses and illegal images onto your computers as a result of using these services. Able to discover and support new bands using sites like Myspace Able to legally listen to music for free on sites like Spotify, Last Fm and We7

5 Friends and Chat… In the real world: Would you just start talking to a random person on the street? You know who you are talking to Its hard to pretend to be something youre not. Its hard to say something nasty to someone's face. You can tell from body language and the tone of voice how people intend comments to be taken. In the online world you: Are more likely to start talking to someone you dont know and add anyone to your friend lists. People arent always honest with who they are, their age or what they look like. 50%* young people find it easier being themselves on the internet than when they are face-to-face Are more likely to say hurtful and upsetting things – its not always clear when something's a joke. Can break down boundaries of place, time and cost. (*EU Kids Online Survey – S Livingstone 2010)

6 What you share… In the real world would you: Tell a complete stranger where you live, your full name, mobile number etc? Would you want over 500 million people to see a photo of you and your friends? Be happy if your friend shared a particularly unattractive photo of you with the whole school? Want your employer/ university/ teacher/ family to see everything you get up to on the weekend? In the online world you are: Often sharing personal information with people you dont know. Posting photos and videos onto the biggest online billboards in the world Rarely asking permission to upload pictures of your friends – what if they dont want the image online? If you dont set your privacy settings – you never know who could see your content. Able to be creative and share content with friends and family across the world.

7 Scenario… Joe regularly uses his grans computer. He has downloaded file sharing software and is using his grans next door neighbours wireless connection to download his favourite tracks. He visits his grans house, one day, to find her upset, as the neighbours have received a letter from Virgin Media accusing them of illegally downloading music. Joes gran has checked the computer and found over 600 illegal downloads. 1)What are the risks of using peer to peer, file sharing sites? 2) Who could be held responsible for this online illegal activity? 3) What advice would you give people who want to download music from the internet?

8 You attend a Halloween party and you and your friends have dressed up in really revealing and inappropriate costumes. You put your photos on Facebook and decide to make one particularly revealing picture of you your profile image. Because of this you get many people wanting to be your friend, despite the fact the profile is private. 1) Do you feel in control of what is posted about you online or is it sometimes out of your hands? 2) Who else may be viewing your profile or photos of you online? Why should you be concerned? Scenario…

9 Check List… Look at where you go to get free music legally at Check your friends list – do you know everyone? Delete any random friend adds you may have If you wouldnt say it to someone's face, dont say it online Search yourself online Make sure you set your privacy settings to friends only Think before you post! Visit: or

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