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Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment RGU Systems Induction SEPTEMBER 2011.

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1 Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment RGU Systems Induction SEPTEMBER 2011

2 I.T. Support at RGU RGU TECHNICAL SERVICES IT Helpdesk Room A52 St. Andrew Street Phone (int): 2777 Phone (ext): 01224 262 777 E-mail: SSS SOFTWARE SUPPORT Nancy Anderson/Gary Smollet Room SB25/SA25 Scott Sutherland School Phone:01224 263527/263508 Fax: 01224 263777

3 It labs FOOD & DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED IN ANY TEACHING ROOMS Labs, Lecture Theatres, Tutorial rooms etc. Bottled water is allowed, but please keep away from equipment Keep to public areas i.e. Atrium TAKE REGULAR BREAKS At least 5 minutes in every hour Do not leave any lab PC logged in REPORT FAULTS Note the PCs location and unique RGU number ALWAYS LOG OFF WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED

4 Network Account ACCOUNT GIVES YOU ACCESS TO: Campus PCs Username: Matriculation Number Student Portal Password: Network Password CampusMoodle Expiry: 50 days CHANGING YOUR PASSWORDExample Username: 1123456 Use the Student Portal Password FacilityPassword: ab8g92zdy

5 Activity 1 - Logging In a) Login to the PC in front of you b) Use the login details you have been provided within your enrolment letter c) Change your password when prompted Username: Matric. Number Password: Network Password

6 Campus PCs SCOTT SUTHERLAND SCHOOL COMPUTER LABS SB14, SB09, SB09a and SB43 - HP Compaq Network Access SA26 and SC27 - Dell (Power Labs) No Network Access HP Compaq Dell H: DRIVE Personal file storage Is NOT the same as My Documents Available on any networked PC Available via Student Portal

7 SCOTT SUTHERLAND SCHOOL SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS Found under START > Programs > APPLICATIONS Web browsers Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Office 2010 No way to view or edit Microsoft Works files Software Applications

8 RGU Web Homepage & Services Access: E-mail Student Portal Intranet Library Students Services and Support

9 Student Portal Front page to all online facilities Access to: Password Facilities CampusMoodle E-mail Library Printing Account

10 Activity 2 - Student Portal a)Go to the Student Portal login screen b)Access the Password Facilities c)Setup your Password Hints d)Go back to the Student Portal e)Login and have a look around

11 CampusMoodle Virtual Learning Environment Access to module materials Online discussion and activities Module news andinformation SUPPORT SESSIONS Thursday only 9 am to 12 noon - Room 219 (Aberdeen Business School) 2 pm to 4 pm - Room SC14 (Scott Sutherland School)

12 Activity 3 - Access CampusMoodle a)Login to CampusMoodle via the Student Portal b) Access THE SCOTT SUTHERLAND SCHOOL STUDENT INFORMATION YEAR X (X = your stage) c) Access the CampusMoodle User Guide for Students module d) Update your CampusMoodle profile

13 Printing COSTS 3p per page for black and white print 20p per page for colour print PAYMENTS Online via Student Portal Kiosks (SSS top of stairs on way to Basement Café) PRINTER NAMES e.g. P-SSS-HPLJ5100-SB14 SMALL FORMAT PRINTING A4 and A3 black & white printer in most computer labs A4 and A3 colour printers in SB14 and SB09a LARGE FORMAT PRINTING A2+ black & white and colour printing see Fergus Denoon in SB21

14 IT Equipment at Scott Sutherland School ON LOAN EQUIPMENT Digital Cameras (5 to 13 mp) and tripods (Student I.D. required) see Fergus Denoon in SB21 SCANNERS A3 scanners in SB09a and studios A1 scanner in SB21 Scanners are not linked to the network SOFTWARE Students have access to free software downloads for Autodesk, Graphisoft and SketchUp programmes; refer to posters around the Computer Labs PURCHASE EQUIPMENT Library and Grays Art Shop has CDs/DVDs, Memory Sticks, headphones Contex A1 Scanner

15 E-mail E-MAIL E-mail account is the main way for the university and lecturers to contact you Should be checked daily E-mail for life Example Username: Username: Password: Email Password Password: ab8g92zdy Expiry:None

16 Activity 4 - Login to Email a)Login to E-mail Your login ID for the email service is your matriculation number followed by - for example: b) c) Fill out your First Time Information d) Change your Email Password

17 Laptops WIRELESS ACCESS Configuration details on CampusMoodle under SSS Stage 1 Student Information module KEEP OUT OF LABS Dont unplug our equipment LAPTOP SUPPORT ITS Helpdesk @ St Andrews Street

18 What next? PROBLEMS? I.T. Clinic in Library RGU WIDE I.T. SUPPORT 01224 262777 SCOTT SUTHERLAND SCHOOL SUPPORT Software queries – Nancy Anderson/Gary Smollet in SB25/SA25 Printing and audio visual queries - Fergus Denoon in SB21 CAMPUSMOODLE SUPPORT 01224 262233

19 And finally… FIRST YEAR WEBSITE TIMETABLE FINDER Access through Student Portal SCOTT SUTHERLAND SCHOOL INFO Scott Sutherland School Homepage Student Info > General Information ANY QUESTIONS? Thank you for your attention Ensure that you are fully logged off before you leave START > Shut Down

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