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Learning for Living The Certificate in Personal Development and Learning for Unpaid Carers.

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1 Learning for Living The Certificate in Personal Development and Learning for Unpaid Carers

2 What is Learning for Living? Whats it all about City & Guilds in partnership with Carers Scotland have developed this online learning resource for carers, And a qualification – A certificate in Personal Development and Learning, First flexible e-learning programme of its kind in the UK and Europe

3 Who is this award aimed at? The award is aimed at people who are unpaid carers i.e. looking after a family member, partner or friend in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability, either currently or in the recent past. It does not address the needs or interests of young carers nor does it consider general parenting matters.

4 Structure Level 5 qualification Topic based (2.5 hours each) 4 Units (4 topics per unit, 10 hours per unit) 1 assessment per unit, (marked by tutor online) Online learning resource (4 units, 40 hours)

5 Units & Topics Moving forward: learning skills, communications, assertiveness, planning for the future Taking care: lifes ups and downs, the caring role, keeping healthy, enjoying life Living with others: understanding relationships, living with loss, why we do things, welcoming differences. Managing as a carer: managing money, how services work, safety, what next?

6 Sample page

7 Pilot scheme - During late September and early December 2005, the Scottish Executive funded a pilot scheme. 150 Scottish carers took part in the scheme and were the first in the country to trial Learning for Living. The success of the pilot was phenomenal and the overwhelming conclusion is that carers found the course to be an extremely positive experience

8 Will I really get something out of it? 92% of carers felt that the course helped them to recognise their existing skills and experience 75% of carers have found the course helped them improve their confidence 67% reporting an increase in their independence 75% reported that undertaking the course helped them plan for their future with regard to education or employment

9 Benefits Social inclusion Personal development Employment & workforce skills Recognition of existing skills and experience Control - carers right to lead their own lives Planning for the future (education, work)

10 What are carers saying about Learning for Living Its a boost to my ego It showed me the way I can move forward to further education Its brilliant it gives you a lot of confidence There is going to be a life after caring

11 Why online learning? carers need the flexibility carers interested in enhancing IT skills e-learning is fun and active learn at own pace e-tutor relationship

12 What next after the Pilot Carers can register with the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies Adelphi flexible learning unit (GCNS) Online tutor from GCNS Recognised as an Individual Learning Account approved course, which means that some funding is available for the course website

13 Learning for Living Award Ceremony

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