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Place Stage 1 Lecture Tutor: Andrea Peach

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1 Place Stage 1 Lecture Tutor: Andrea Peach (

2 Place While we might easily be lost in place, we would certainly be lost without it. Tacita Dean, Place

3 What is Place? Kathy Prendergast Lost, 1999

4 Bedolina Petraglyph Valcamonica 2500 BC London Underground Map Harry Beck 1933

5 Simon Patterson The Great Bear 1992

6 Mona Hatoum Map 1998

7 Do-Ho Suh 348 West 22nd St. Apt A, New York, NY 10011 at Rodin Gallery, Seoul/Toyko Opera City Art Gallery/Serpentine Gallery, London/Biennale of Sydney/Seattle Art Museum, 2000 Seoul Home/L.A. Home/New York Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home 1999 Where is Home?

8 Place In its most basic sense, place is the setting of the events of human living. Place is the location of experience.

9 Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage and Garden Dungeness, 1991

10 A place is a location

11 Cave Paintings at Lascaux 15000 – 13000 BC

12 The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation Our life is frittered away by detail … simplify, simplify Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854 Wittgensteins Cottage, Lake Eidsvatnet, Norway


14 Jake and Dinos Chapman Hell 1999-2000

15 Hieronymus Bosch The Garden of Earthly Delight c. 1502

16 Land as Place Land is a natural phenomenon Landscape is a cultural construct

17 Casper David Friedrich Wanderer above the Sea of Fog 1818

18 Little Sparta, Stoneypath Ian Hamilton Finlay Blenheim Palace Capability Brown 1760s

19 Ken Smith, Roof Garden New York, 2002

20 Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, Utah 1969-70

21 Christo and Jean Claude Surrounded Islands Biscayne Bay, Miami 1980-1983

22 Richard Long I like the idea of using the land without possessing it Sahara Line 1988

23 Places have value

24 Places remember events James Joyce, preparatory note to Ulysses Rails leading into Auschwitz-Birkenau

25 Anselm Kiefer, Markisher Sand (March Sand) 1980 Places remember events

26 Place: not simply a location but the experience of one

27 Rowena Dring, Think of Paradise, St Bartholomews Hospital, 2002

28 No-place (atopos) Willie Doherty 2000

29 Place is as requisite as the air we breathe, the ground on which we stand, the bodies we have. We are surrounded by places. We walk over and through them. We live in places, relate to others in them, die in them. Nothing is unplaced. Edward S. Casey

30 For Seminars in Week 8-9 Download Brief: Museum Without Walls 2 Consider the idea of PLACE Choose an object from the Timeline which relates to the idea of PLACE Try to find another object which you can connect to this and explain why / how

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