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Libio Huaroto Biblioteca Central – UNMSM Aberdeen - Scotland June, 2008 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Universidad del.

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1 Libio Huaroto Biblioteca Central – UNMSM Aberdeen - Scotland June, 2008 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Universidad del Perú, DECANA DE AMERICA 11th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations Peruvian Network of Digital Thesis: Cybertesis as a cooperative process for this implementation

2 Background Activities Strategic Alliances Multimedia application Perspectives Today´s topic

3 1999 2002 2003 2004 2007 2008 Aplicatión of Metodology of Cybertesis Participation in The Andean Community Nations (CAN): Andean Digital Library to spread DL in Latin America Expantion of Cybertesis in Peru and Bolivia Peruvian Network Digital Theses (RPTD) Begin first portal web of Peruvian Digital Thesis Begin administratives aspects Line of the time

4 Background 1999-2002 2003-2008 1999 Initial projects 2002 Start digitalization process Characteristics: PDF, HTML, full text, open access, retrieve information system, author and title indexes, etc. Nov. 2003 Agreement with Universidad de Chile, Lyon, UNESCO (using Cybertesis Methodology). Jun 2004 Start Cybertesis in Peru. Characteristics: Interoperability standards (OAI-PMH, TEI, ETD-MS, XML), retrieve information system, open software (Linux, Java, Open Office, SDX, others).

5 Strategies Marketing National and international congresses, seminars Training / Agreements Courses 09 Cybertesis courses 01 DSpace course Strategic Alliances Andean Comunity (CAN) Peruvian universities National Council of Science & Technology (CONCYTEC) Foreign universities Universidad de Chile University of Lyon UNESCO Bolivia Colombia Peru Research Andean Digital Library (BDA) Public and private peruvian institutions

6 Marketing and Training Training on Cybertesis Methodology 08 (Peru - 20 universities) 01 (Colombia - 15 universities) 01 (Bolivia - 01 university) Training on Digital Repository: DSpace 02 (Peru Academic institutions) March 2008, Dec. 2007 National Symposium on Digital Theses: peruvian experiencies (RPTD). Lima, (April 09, 2008) III Jornadas Nacionales de Bibliotecas Universitarias. Arequipa (October 5-6, 2007) II Jornadas Nacionales de Bibliotecas Universitarias. Trujillo (September 26-27, 2005) Articles in most popular newspaper El Comercio, May 9, 2008 San Marcos Semanal April, 2008

7 Universidad Nacional de Piura Universidad Ricardo Palma Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo. Education School Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería. Postgraduated School Universidad Privada del Norte Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. Postgraduated School Universidad Mayor San Andrés - Bolivia Agreements

8 SOME IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS Most of academic institutions do not have the necessary infraestructure to implement the digital thesis project. Human resources shortage. Complicated administrative and legal procedures Lack of knowledge about Copyright No established procedures to get digital files of the thesis

9 San Marcos University

10 Bolivia Other institutions using cybertesis

11 Visits to the Cybertesis Website Peruvian Network of Digital Theses (RPTD)

12 Strategic Alliances National level Public and private peruvian universities Peruvian Network of Digital Theses (RPTD) Regional level Latin American and European universities Andean Community (CAN): Andean Digital Library (BDA) Exchange of informatic developments on Cybertesis Methodology


14 RPTD Characteristics Launched April 9, 2008 05 Peruvian universities Service Provider Software ARC (Harvester) OAI-PMH v. 2.0 Retrieve information system (basic and advance) Author, title, institution indexes RSS (Sindication) Web statistics on logins, downloading, countries, etc

15 Total of digital thesis1529 Total number of web visits519175 * Bytes transfer 552 GB * Statistics in Institutions * Information from only 03 universities- April 2008

16 Visits to RPTD Website

17 Tacna Arequipa Ica Lima La Libertad Piura Peru Political Map Signed agreement Future agreement Leyend

18 ANDEAN DIGITAL LIBRARY (BDA) Virtual space for the dissemination of cultural bibliography of andean countries, specially for not easy to access books. Cultural area environment for information, knowledge and services exchange.

19 PARTICIPANTS Bolivia Universidad Mayor de San Andrés Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar Colombia Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango Universidad de Los Andes Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Ecuador Universidad del Azuay Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar Peru Biblioteca Nacional del Perú Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú Venezuela Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela Universidad de Los Andes Comunidad Andina (CAN) Instituto Francés de Estudios Andinos (IFEA)

20 Andean Digital Library: 2002 – 2007 Evolution First phase Centralized process at the Coordinator Center Second phase Data entry into the centralized data base of the Coordinator Center Link to documents in BDA repository Third phase Descentralization process using OAI-PMH Coordinator Center Participant institution Coordinator Center Participant institution Coordinator Center Participant institution Reception Edition of the book Registry into DB Internet Publication Selection of books to be published Send archives of scanned documents Registry into BD Link to documents in BDA repository Internet Publication Selection of books Send book links to Coordinator Center Metadata harvest ing from repositories´ participants Internet Publication Harvesting coordination Selectión of recolected books, thesis, etc.

21 Univ. Los Andes pais BDA MS ACCESS/ MS SQL UNMSM Peru U. San Andres pais ROAR OpenDoar Filters Subject areas Type of materials BDA Repository Architecture OAI-PMH BDA SOFTWARE ARC (OAI-PMH) Coordinador Center


23 Bolivia Political Map Central Library Univ. San Andres Bolivia Signed agreement Leyend Santa Cruz Tarija Chuquisaca Potosí Oruro Beni Cochabamba Pando La Paz

24 Video Multimedia Application for Thesis Objectives Contacting thesis authors with end users. Authors self-abstracting objectives and most relevant findings in their thesis. Promoting a new knowledge dissemination applying multimedia tools. Knowledge for new students (net-gens)

25 Video characteristics 10 minutes duration approx. Two possibilities according to the script: Introduce yourself (academic department, faculty, etc). Mentioning objectives, abstract, methodology, conclusion and recommendations. or Presenting all the thesis process: experimentation, several videos (if necessary). FLV format (less heavy). Applying Java developments. Possibility to write comments. Login statistics. Links to digital theses.

26 Coordinating with authors Flow Chart Video development according to script Editing video (Software) Video published in Cybertesis website Inserting tag in metadata Publish videos archives in the web server Using Movie Maker software 10 minutes approx. Convert videos to FLV format Total Video Converter software (FLV)

27 Go to the theses



30 Libio Huaroto

31 Thank very much for your attention !! Libio Huaroto Alonso Estrada Carmen Huarino Maria Luisa Thornberry Adela Soto Paul Lorenzo Alberto Loza Cybertesis Team Group

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