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Electronic Theses On-line System (EThOS) Opening Access To UK Theses Queens University, Belfast, Nov 2008 Tracy Kent, Anthony Troman & Kevin OLeary.

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1 Electronic Theses On-line System (EThOS) Opening Access To UK Theses Queens University, Belfast, Nov 2008 Tracy Kent, Anthony Troman & Kevin OLeary

2 Aims The aim of EThOS is, through a collaborative approach: –To offer a single point of access where researchers the world over can access ALL Doctoral theses produced by UK Higher Education –To support HEIs through the transition from print to e-theses –To help UK HEIs expand available e-content by digitising paper theses –To demonstrate the quality of UK research and help attract students and research investment into UK HE KOL

3 Background of EThOS Providing access to e-theses has had many forerunners and projects that have brought us to the point we are at today. These projects were very important in suggesting a UK Core Metadata Set was developed and the importance of Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). A growing number of institutional repositories are being set up to showcase individual institutions research outputs. It is through the generous funding of organisations such as JISC and RLUK and the expertise of those managing and developing the projects within the partner institutions that these projects were able to go ahead, and EThOS as a Central Hub and the EThOSnet project delivering the live system are no exception. KOL

4 Accessing Theses: The Current Situation in the UK KOL

5 A system for all –Supports the Open Access aspirations of UK HE –Offers a single point of access to all UK theses –Harvests e-theses from Institutional Repositories (Free) –Generates e-content by digitising paper theses (on a not-for- profit basis) –Delivers theses to the researcher in the format required (Download free, other formats charged to the researcher) –Returns digitised theses to institutions for loading to their IR (Free) –Preserves e-born and digitised theses in perpetuity (Free) –Enables the participation of any HEI, small or large, with or without an IR KOL

6 A system for all KOL

7 Open Access The key to the success of EThOS is making UK theses open to all. The UK HEI community mandated responsible open access to make UK doctoral theses readily available and free at the point of use. The Open Access definition used by EThOS is: –Download of available full-text theses are free to researchers; –Most participating HEIs will pay up-front costs of theses digitisation except for HEI's who opt-out of Open Access supply. In this case digitisation is charged to the first researcher ordering the item, and thereafter will be free to download. –If the thesis is required hard-bound, soft-bound, loose-leaf or on CD/DVD, costs will be charged to the researcher. KOL

8 Workflows AT

9 Search screen

10 Detail screen

11 Order screen (bib detail)

12 Order screen (options)

13 Download screen

14 Questions about the Intro & Demonstration AT

15 Harvesting from Institutional Repositories (A) E-theses are out there in Institutional Repositories (B) EThOS Central Hub needs populating with e-theses –Metadata –And (in many cases) copies of the theses themselves How to get from (A) to (B)? –Institutional repositories use software that supports metadata harvesting using the OAI-PMH So, EThOS adopted the harvesting model as the most practical solution to get from (A) to (B) AT

16 But what about printed theses? TK

17 Digitisation Project & Suite The JISC funded UK Theses Digitisation Project is digitising up to 11,300 of the most requested paper theses for free to ensure EThOS has a good body of full text theses for users. TK

18 Microfilm vs. Paper Digitisation Quality Digitised from Microfilm TK

19 Microfilm vs. Paper Digitisation Quality Digitised from paper thesis TK

20 Questions about harvesting and digitisation

21 Intellectual Property Rights in the UK (note: these issues also apply to UK IRs) EThOS will digitise and distribute paper theses already in existence WITHOUT necessarily seeking specific permissions from the author. Authors normally hold the IPR in the content of their theses –EThOS distributes on behalf of authors – no claim to IPR and is a non commercial service –Future authors will agree formally to allow web distribution of their thesis (or not) –For digitisation of theses already submitted EThOS assumes (based on experience) that the majority of authors are happy to have their thesis supplied –200,000 authors have signed Agreement forms in the past for the BL to distribute their thesis – 11,300 of these will be digitised free to the institution as part of the JISC funded UK Thesis Digitisation Project –Should authors object to their thesis being loaded to EThOS, there is a rapid notice and take-down policy. –All researchers (readers) must agree to terms and conditions for every thesis supplied. –EThOS must take a practical and pragmatic approach to this issue in order to deliver a cost-effective solution which meets the needs of its users and the majority of its suppliers (the authors). Rapid take-down and notice policy applies also to 3 rd party content KOL

22 Intellectual Property Rights: Practical actions HEIs can undertake Adapting deposit/submission agreements to ensure future authors formally agree to allow web distribution of their thesis Adopting a proactive approach to notifying authors that past theses may be made available online (due diligence text to use in newsletters, on websites and in alumni publications) Highlight the benefits to authors of having research available for searching online (increased visibility, usage, collaborations) EThOS Legal risk assessment available on the Toolkit KOL

23 Questions about IPR, copyright KOL

24 A financially viable system – participation options Open Access is NOT free access! If UK HE wants to offer Open Access, they must cover the costs (as they do for Inter Library Loans). For research currently held on paper, we will digitise to generate e- content. Digitisation is manually intensive and therefore expensive. There are four different participation options - UK institutions can select the participation option most appropriate to their own circumstances Digitised once – available forever. AT

25 A financially viable system – participation options Options where HEIs pay –Open Access Sponsor – payment up-front and receive the full value of your contribution in digitised theses selected on- demand by researchers using the system –Associate Member Level 1 (Open Access) – payment on a quarterly basis to cover theses requested and digitised within that period. Other Options –Associate Member Level 2 – theses contributed by HEI but first researcher to request thesis pays for digitisation. –Associate Member Level 3 – record metadata supplied by HEIs but theses supplied by the institution. EThOS directs to the HEI. AT

26 A financially viable system – Open Access Sponsor AT

27 Guarantees EThOS Allows HEIs to forecast their budgets more effectively Supports the EThOS infrastructure Advance contributions help to establish, build and develop. Support for Open Access: - To allow other, smaller HEIs or those working in less popular areas to make their theses available under other models - Digitisation of specified numbers of theses Contributions are only necessary until all paper theses are digitised – digitise ONCE, available FOREVER. Those who most directly benefit guarantee a facility which allows all to take part. Why is there an open access sponsor option? AT

28 Costs To digitise a bound thesis and return it undamaged to the institution (Digitise and return) £41.50 To digitise a thesis supplied for digitisation loose-leaf or where the binding can be removed and the thesis discarded after digitisation (Digitise and discard) £27 Digitisation Open Access Sponsor Institution size JISC Bands Contribution p.a. No. theses digitised @ £41.50 No. theses digitised @ £27 LargeA, B, C£8000192296 MediumD, E, F£400096148 SmallOthers£20004874 SmallestOthers£7001625 Note: all of the above figures are inclusive of VAT. AT

29 Additional services to researchers Downloads of e-theses are free of charge To prepare a thesis into a physical delivery format, if required by the researcher, will be charged at cost Supply format Cost to researcher DownloadFree* Printed - Loose-leaf - Soft-bound - Hard-bound £20 £25 £30 CD/DVD£15 (inc. VAT) AT

30 Questions about participation options and costs AT

31 Plagiarism Detection One of the key concerns raised from an independent evaluation of the EThOS feasibility study carried out by Key Perspectives Ltd and UCL Library Services in 2006 was plagiarism. Almost 80% of respondents to the survey feel that plagiarism checks against deposited theses would be useful. Only 5% of respondents view this as not useful. Issue of Plagiarism is one of prevention to avoid students cheating in their own submission for a degree (thus affecting the reputation of the institution) and to protect the integrity and outputs of an institutions own students. The EThOS team have been working closely with JISC iPAS and iParadigms on a solution – the benefit for EThOS being a black box solution using established technologies and established procedures within institutions.

32 Plagiarism Detection TK Approach taken: E-theses uploaded to or digitised by EThOS are then uploaded into the iParadigms database. Institutions can then use their own subscriptions to carry out plagiarism checks across the entire UK output. This option meets the requirements of the HE community through their own established practice. Provides a value-added service to the community and removes the need for piecemeal submission to the iParadigms database by institutions. EThOS has no liability other than to ensure and guarantee that e-theses are submitted to the iParadigms database to support local plagiarism checking.

33 Top 10 theses supplied by BL over the lifetime of the microfilm service BL RefTitleAuthorYearUniversityTimes supplied D059643Learning with delayed rewardsWATKINS1989Cambridge58 D038981Student nurses' accounts of their work and trainingMELIA1981Edinburgh53 DX080167DISCLOSURE OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA WALLACE1987Exeter53 D060977The women who served Queen Mary and Queen ElizabethMERTON1992Cambridge51 DX075792CARE AND WORK IN NURSING THE DYING: A PARTICIPANT STUDY IN A CONTINUING CARE UNIT JAMES1986Aberdeen46 D060135Evaluation of information systems multiple perspectivesSYMONS1990Cambridge41 D097643FROM MYTH TO MEMORYKEENAN1992Essex39 D094740INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SMALL FIRM PERFORMANCE CRAGG1990Loughborough37 D042943FASCISM AND FASCISTS IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND IN THE 1930'S RAWNSLEY1981Bradford37 D173873BUDDHISM IN BRITAIN-DEVELOPMENT AND ADAPTATIONBELL1991Durham34

34 West Virginia University top 10 (for 2007 only) Most Popular ETDs #HitsDisciplineURL 137,501HistoryStewart_Burns_Shirley_dissertation 233,752Civil EngineeringDasarath_Rao_M_masters_problem_report 313,812Athletic TrainingSamson_Kim_thesis 48,965Mechanical EngineeringMcIntyre_Dustin_dissertation 57,599Athletic TrainingSiegel_Lori_thesis 66,604Athletic TrainingLeavey_V_thesis 76,194Mechanical EngineeringVadlamani_Deepika_thesis 85,937HistoryBoback_John_dissertation 95,674German / TESOLRoth_Miriam_thesis 105,124Chemical EngineeringBambal_Ashish_thesis

35 Brigham Young University top 10 AUTHORDEPARTMENTETD TITLE ON CAMPUS HITS OFF CAMPUS HITS Romo, Abel JavierLinguistics and English Language An English for Specific Purposes Curriculum to Prepare English Learners to Become Nursing Assistants 33929975 Pittard, Matthew Thurlow Mechanical Engineering Large Eddy Simulation Based Turbulent Flow-induced Vibration of Fully Developed Pipe Flow 91829021 Jensen, Robin SHistoryGleaning the Harvest: Strangite Missionary Work, 1846-185017128722 Aoyama, Kazumasa Instructional Psychology and Technology Using A Diglot Reader to Teach Kanji: The Effects of Audio and Romaji on the Acquisition of Kanji Vocabulary 64326316 Oliphant, Alma HMechanical Engineering Numerical Modeling of Friction Stir Welding: A Com89222888 Jevtic, ElizabetaGerman and Slavic Languages Blank Pages of the Holocaust: Gypsies in Yugoslavia During World War II 53521243 Murdock, Jennifer Melody CommunicationsAn External Communication Audit of the National Tropical Botanical Garden 35920654 Bishop, Gregory Loren Mechanical Engineering A Comprehensive Model for Technology Push Product Development 53020632 Xiang, YanqiaoChemistry and Biochemistry Capillary Liquid Chromatography Using Micro Size Particles42020151 Taniguchi, Stacy Tooru Educational Leadership & Foundations Outdoor Education and Meaningful Learning: Finding the attributes of meaningful learning experiences in an outdoor education program 30319411

36 Florida University for 2007 InstCode Month Total JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec University of Central Florida CF3,6764,9041,2485,0144,3563,9803,8223,7974,3444,8084,9623,97048,881 University of Florida UF24,53028,6408,98529,61927,03224,19623,57326,26727,23035,34134,33628,480318,229 University of South Florida SF7,8559,6962,6029,8628,9207,5358,3028,1298,92711,05111,1569,699103,734 University of West Florida WF132131242353723441495350482 Total:36,07443,26112,83844,50740,35035,74635,73438,21640,54551,34950,50742,199471,326

37 Questions on plagiarism and usage statistics

38 Savings on costs of Theses –Producing, borrowing and handling theses (eg: shelf space) –Centralised processing for the supply and delivery of e-theses –Workflow Savings through the Toolkit –Staff time Efficient and fit for purpose providing a service that meets user expectations and best value for money. Statistical data (eg: most frequently requested materials by subject, by HEI, by date) to help predict future demands and target efforts Support for the principle of Open Access and increased access to publicly-funded research Benefits for institutions TK

39 Interactive set of Tools: Suite of resources available for e-theses creation Frequently Asked Questions Creation of standards to ensure maximum interoperability Toolkit Portfolio TK

40 Questions on benefits and the EThOS Toolkit TK

41 In the transitional phase until EThOS goes live, we are offering a hybrid EThOS/microfilm service. The hybrid service will enable the ordering and supply of microfilm copies where the thesis is already held by the British Library. In cases where the required thesis is not held on microfilm by the British Library, the customers order will initiate the digitisation of the hardcopy source thesis and delivery as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM. If the required thesis was issued by an EThOS non-participating institution, the customer will be directed to apply direct to the institution. Paper copies of theses may also be supplied in response to orders supplied via either of these hybrid service routes. During the period that this hybrid service applies, the existing price structures for microfilm or paper copies will apply. The supply of newly digitised theses on CD-ROM will be free of charge (only where it is not already available on microfilm). How Document Supply Services have changed AT/KOL

42 UK EThOS System –Supports the Open Access aspirations of UK HE –Offers a single point of access to all UK theses –Harvests e-theses from Institutional Repositories (Free) –Generates e-content by digitising paper theses (on a not-for- profit basis) –Delivers theses to the researcher in the format required (Download free, other formats charged to the researcher) –Returns digitised theses to institutions for loading to their IR (Free) –Preserves e-born and digitised theses in perpetuity (Free) –Enables the participation of any HEI, small or large, with or without an IR –Opens access to all UK theses! KOL

43 Next Steps Ensure your institutions Memorandum of Understanding is signed and returned Update your institutions theses deposit licence to reflect inclusion in EThOS If you have an institutional repository, follow the guidelines on the toolkit to ensure it is EThOS compliant Refer to the EThOS Toolkit: and use support materials to ensure your institution is ready KOL

44 The EThOS hybrid service with microfilm is in use now. You can request theses through the original microfilm request channels (phone, fax and internet). A beta EThOS service will be available on 9 th December. You will be notified through the project website and/or E-THESES-UK list which is being used to communicate with the HE community. More information can be found on the project website: KOL Next Steps

45 Any questions, please ask, see us after the session or email: KOL Thank-you!

46 Do document supply staff need to mediate these requests? How will EThOS affect our Inter-Library outloan arrangements for theses? What steps is EThOS taking to safeguard authors rights? Can my Institution order and pay for a thesis on behalf of the user? Can I have a copy for my library? (print and/or electronic) TK Questions

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