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Tim Hunt and Jason Gough Engaging online to improve Services.

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1 Tim Hunt and Jason Gough Engaging online to improve Services






7 So, who are ? Social enterprise 5 years old, based in Sheffield Independent Harnessing the wisdom of the service users, carers and staff – those who truly know what it is like in services Opening up dialogue for change



10 Its a new way to engage… the web is more conversational and personal.

11 Relevant staff Provider Response Author comments.. Comments from others.. SU Groups DAT Healthcare Agencies Local Govt Employment Agencies Automatic notification Comment from SU publish

12 PO in Addiction Services Where it started How did Service Users react Feedback that led to service improvements How did it develop for staff and service users Transferable Model

13 Why now? NTA Pilots How it fits with Recovery Accessibility Quality Measure

14 Keeping it safe Protecting Staff and SUs Legal Advice Good Practice Guidelines Editorial Policy Repeat Postings/ Vexatious Complaints

15 Research and evaluation Birmingham University & Tavistock Institute Malte Ziewitz PhD NESTA MH pilot evaluation Hansard Society case study BBC Radio 4 investigation


17 Delivery of Online Feedback Commissioners engage with PO-clear expectations and responsibilities List Providers on the site-draw up programme of sustaining postings Support Staff through WEBEX training Work with Volunteers, Service users and Carer groups Active monitoring and review

18 What you get? A birds eye view of the impact of service Distance travelled feedback from different points on treatment pathway Qualitative information to inform PBR A robust way to monitor quality and improve services Evidence of engagement with service users and carers to demonstrate to commissioners and stakeholders

19 Generating Postings Look at Services and Care Pathways Engage with themes and specific topics Distance travelled Integrate with current practice Get SUs and Volunteers involved Build momentum

20 Final points As much about good practice as improvements People value anonymity and independence Easy to get involved Many people value online feedback as alternative to complaints

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