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Community Based Rehabilitation on Tyneside. North East charity working in the areas of homelessness, addiction, offending, training and employment. Key.

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1 Community Based Rehabilitation on Tyneside

2 North East charity working in the areas of homelessness, addiction, offending, training and employment. Key Organisational Characteristics Service User Led: clients help to shape services; needs-led; Entrepreneurial –Innovation - Seek to fill gaps in provision rather than duplicating services or competing with what is already there –Risk Taking – willing to take calculated but genuine risks - both financial and practice –Sustainability– what is the long term potential –Create employment through existing services and social enterprise Evidence based – i.e. what works? Learn from others - if its not there develop it and evaluate it. Partnerships – within voluntary, public and private sectors

3 Why Set up Community Rehabilitation? Worked with a group of recovering addicts. Collectively we came to the conclusion that: Clients were being let down - trapped in the system Clients had very low ambitions for themselves Residential treatment referrals were often inappropriate No local community based abstinence treatment Little in the way of sober housing or real routes into work Success stories were all imported So...... We did something about it

4 Community Based Rehabilitation System Taken 5 years to develop and its still growing User led – we listened to what wasnt working or where there was a gap and tried to fix it Enormous amount of help provided by others already out there – AoA, Acorn Housing, NTA, UWS, CCAR, New York OASAS; Journey weve tried to do with others, esp those in short and long-term recovery who have insider knowledge having first hand experience of the treatment system

5 Oaktrees 12 step day treatment centre Sober Housing Elliott House Direct Access Hostel 40 beds (10 D&A) Ridley Villas Women & children 5 flats Westbridge Abstinence based -12 beds Satellite Housing Women & children 5 flats Recovery Centre Employment Service


7 Oaktrees – Abstinence Based Treatment AoA - SHARP model 22 places - 12 weeks duration, 5 days per week: 9.30am -4.00 pm Clients expected to attend AA or NA meetings as part of treatment Clients live at home or in safe accommodation Referrals via treatment services who retain links for the duration of treatment 35% completion rate; as it is a local service all non-completers remain in treatment 43% starting treatment are women; 80% are mothers; Nine 12 step groups run from premises: AA, NA, Womens NA, Cocaine Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous Currently completing an audit and evaluation of the programme

8 Accommodation Need for safe and supported housing for those who dont have adequate accommodation Denmark Street – 4 bed shared house for those nearing the end of programme; low rent level Elliott House Direct Access hostel – 10 beds for people in treatment Westbridge – 12 beds for people who are abstinent Ridley Villas – 5 flats for women and their children 5 independent properties as move on for women and children Additional houses in pipeline – homes for life - recovery community? shared ownership?

9 Employment Project As a rule, work is good for people – we promote and encourage the notion of work Training is a means to an end, not an end in itself Ready for Work Programme - provides: Volunteering Pre-employment training Recovery orientated employment course Work placements with local businesses Job coaching Jobs (11 in the first 4 months) Website to match employers and job seekers – launch April 1 st Sage UK, Northern Rock, Carillion Building, Greggs, Barclays Bank, Marks & Spencer, TSG (Technology Services Group), KPMG, Royal Mail, John Lewis, Gentoo, Northumbrian Water, PWC, Morrisons, Marriott, NRG and many smaller companies.

10 Recovery Centre Based upon the CCAR model of Recovery Centres: A safe place to continue to recover and give back A place with positive social networks Telephone Recovery Service Peer-to-peer recovery support & recovery coaching Volunteering opportunities Recovery groups and workshops Links to recovery housing Recovery oriented employment support Family Work Promotion of the wider recovery movement speakers events Literature

11 Recovery Centre "We need to create communities with oomph – people who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel that if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them".

12 Where Does the Money Come From? PTBDIPSPPCTHBRent Grant Making Trusts Other Oaktrees Day Treatment Independent Housing Elliott House Direct Access Hostel with addiction workers Westbridge Abstinence Accom Ridley Villas Women & Children Satellite Housing Employment Service Recovery Centre

13 Business Model Spread the load – use a variety of funding sources and across authorities Self funding – esp housing; ensure it pays for itself Raise Working capital Liquidise assets – esp for purchase of property Bonds/ social investment Corporate Social Responsibility - Use CSR to add in kind value through training, donations, Social enterprise – provide opportunities for clients and profit to support services Other - SIBs, PBR and alternative funding esp when there is a good evidence base and clear cost-benefits

14 Community Based Rehabilitation Development has been a journey weve tried to do alongside others: Occasionally its been too quick for commissioners – but when they captured the vision they have supported us in developing it Almost always too quick for most other treatment providers – an on-going problem Never too quick for our service users

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