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Seveso III Directive Moving from Seveso II to Seveso III.

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1 Seveso III Directive Moving from Seveso II to Seveso III

2 Background to Seveso Directive 1. Seveso I adopted in 1982 to control major accident hazards 2. Current COMAH Regs 1999 and planning legislation implement Seveso II 3. Seveso III necessary as CHIP being replaced by CLP by 2015 4. Overall purpose & approach to stay the same –Identification of sites, controls and mitigation 5. European Commission also took opportunity to modernise the Directive –Public info –Access to justice –Public participation –Inspections

3 Current situation 1. Seveso III adopted on 4 th July 2012 2. New COMAH Regs to be in force from 1June 2015 3. Heavy fuel oil - amendment to current COMAH Regs from 15 Feb 2014 4. Main areas of change: Scope Public information Inspection Lack of correction system for substances moving in or out of scope

4 Scope 1.Early indications – only a small movement of sites coming into/going out of scope 2.Helpful amendments on named substances 3.Determining whether the Directive applies will be more complex

5 Toxicity - Seveso III alignment EU Oral mg/kg Inhalaton vapour mg/l Inhalation aerosol mg/l Inhalation gas ppmV Dermal mg/kg 1234 4123 2 341 ? ? 2 34 1 3241 TXn T+

6 Public information 1. More requirements than before 2. Public info on safety measures for all establishments (not just top tier as present) 3. Extra provisions for top tier re safety reports 4. Available electronically and kept up to date

7 Public information 1. Culture shift! 2. Confidentiality & security issues 3. Access to justice – difficult issue

8 Inspections 1. Will maintain current system - frequency of site visits based on risk/hazard profile 2. Relevant findings of inspections under other EU legislation to be taken into account in hazard/risk assessment of sites 3. Inspections where poss to be coordinated with other EU legislation inspections

9 Other key issues 1. Notifications 2. Safety reports 3. Emergency plans 4. Transitional arrangements

10 Timetable 1. Now – end of 2013 –informal consultation with industry and stakeholders 2. Early 2014 – formal consultation; heavy fuel oils amendment to COMAH Regs 1999 3. Early 2015 – lay Regulations & publication of guidance 4. 1 June 2015 – new COMAH Regs enter into force

11 Sources of information 1. Seveso website revised and will continue to be updated. Current features include; - information about Seveso III - implications for business - FAQs 2. Seveso ebulletin 3. Guidance

12 Questions & discussion If any questions are raised which cannot be answered they can be sent by e-mail to or by post to HSE, Hazardous Installations Directorate, Chemical Industries Policy, 5S2 Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside L20 7HS

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