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Putting Safety Groups on the Map John Cairns Chairman – Scottish Chamber of Safety Vice Chairman - Safety Groups UK John Cairns Chairman – Scottish Chamber.

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2 Putting Safety Groups on the Map John Cairns Chairman – Scottish Chamber of Safety Vice Chairman - Safety Groups UK John Cairns Chairman – Scottish Chamber of Safety Vice Chairman - Safety Groups UK

3 The H&S burden in Britain today l 240 + notifiable fatals (excluding 800 on the road) l 16,000 health related deaths? l 1.1 million injuries l 2.2 million cases of work related ill health l 36 million workdays lost l Costing £30 billion or nearly 3 per cent GDP

4 Big problems with big impacts l Musculo-skeletal disorders l Stress l Respiratory diseases l Cancer l Skin diseases l Falls from height l Work related road accidents l Slips trips and falls l Workplace transport l Machinery safety l Fires and explosions l Electricity l Noise l and many more…

5 Whos on the case? l HSE and Local Authorities l Safety groups, RoSPA, BSC, IOSH, NEBOSH, IIRSM l Major clients l Learning and Skills Council l The NHS l Insurers l Trades Unions l Employers organisations l And many others………..

6 So where do safety groups fit in? l 70 plus Groups in UK -10 in Scotland & new groups planned - many are successful, vibrant, energetic and influential, - others: lack of membership, state of folding, looking for help, ideas and support l Providing low cost, local, entry level advice and briefing l Partnership working with HSE, RoSPA, IOSH, BSC, IIRSM, NEBOSH etc l Raising awareness/spreading good practice

7 The Map

8 Safety Groups UK: re-launched 2006 Mission: l The mission of Safety Groups UK is to ensure the health and safety groups are key players in the UK health and safety system and in the delivery of UK health and safety strategy. l Website

9 Safety Groups UK: vision 1. Powerful and thriving network of health and safety groups in every part of the UK, working to disseminate vital information to the grass roots. 2. Groups reaching out to and working in partnership with all those in their local communities who have a role to play in ensuring the workplaces are healthy and safe. 3. An effective channel for feeding back views and experiences to health and safety authorities and other key national stakeholders.

10 Safety Groups UK; vision (contd) 4. A positive partnership between the groups movement, and all other key players in occupational health and safety including the HSE, RoSPA, IOSH, IIRSM, the BSC, BOHS and NEBOSH. 5. New path-finding projects undertaken by Groups to raise awareness of problems and demonstrate solutions and to establish good practice. 6. Recognition of and support for the key role which groups play by key intermediaries such as employers associations, trade unions, training bodies and all other organisations which can help to promote and advance their work.

11 SGUK & SCOS meetings l 5 meetings of UK Management Committee + 4 SCOS (formed from the Safety Group members) l 3 main meetings of SGUK which include - AGM (June) House of Lords (January)

12 What groups can deliver l Networking opportunities l Friendly problem solving and signposting l Seminars and events e.g. Safe Maintenance & HRAW – Dundee 8 th Feb 2012 l Workplace visits l Outreach and briefing l Newsletters and websites l Contributions to local media l Social gatherings

13 Benefits of safety groups l Advice free from the fear of enforcement l For all types companies not just H&S professionals - suppliers & service providers will also benefit l Suitable for SMEs l Practical l Easy to access l Supportive l Knowledge sharing l Local dimension l Varied programmes l Cost Effective

14 Partnership with HSE: key points 1. SGUK to support the HSE Strategy 2. Effective communications and align Groups priorities with those of HSE; 3. SGUK timely contributions to support HSE Strategy; 4. SGUK to promote key health and safety messages to all groups and beyond their immediate membership; 5. HSE to support SGUK efforts to improve effectiveness of groups, especially outreach to SMEs and the hard-to- reach 6. HSE to provide resources where appropriate to support SGUK in achieving key objectives

15 SGUK are grateful for the support they receive from their sponsors: Funding and Sponsorship

16 KEY Work Items for SGUK 1. Help Improve the groups offer to SMEs; 2. Establish a stronger link between SGUK and groups; 3. Offer support to existing groups; 4. Maintain support from RoSPA, HSE, IIRSM, Nebosh and IIRSM; 5. Help Groups to align meetings more closely to HSE priorities/campaigns and also run separate events; 6. SGUK develop a marketing and communication strategy; and 7. Fund the above through sponsorship.

17 As a new project for 2011/2012 we are looking into the opportunity of taking the Health Risks at Work – do you know yours initiative into England and Wales. The initiative which has been delivered successfully in Scotland by HSE, SCHWL, SCOS, won the Partnership Initiative of the year award at the IOSH 2010 Awards. The initiative provides tools and support for smaller organisations to help identify the risks and manage them is a way suitable to the organisation. New initiative for 2012

18 The Safety Groups UK 2011 Awards are: l Alan Butler Awards l Maurice Adamson Award This year the Alan Butler awards have been restructured to make the entry process simpler. The four previous categories have been amalgamated into one entry form and Groups are being asked to answer five key performance questions. Funding and Sponship

19 l Communication? l Programme and seminar(s)? l Supporting HSE? l Membership retention/recruitment? l Achievement in last 12 months? Alan Butler Awards – Key Performance Questions

20 Entries will be awarded an Alan Butler Gold,Silver or Bronze Award by the judging panel. The judging panel will be made up of representatives from SGUK supporting organisations Alan Butler Awards - Judging

21 Nominations are invited for the Maurice Adamson award for: Outstanding contributions by individuals to their local Safety Group The inaugural winner was Ann Jones from the Swansea & West Wales Safety Group Maurice Adamson Award 2011

22 The closing date for entries is the 30 th November 2011 Entry forms, guidance and information are available at: An overall Alan Butler Award winner and the winner of the Maurice Adamson Award will be announced at the SGUK Awards luncheon, House of Lords on 23rd January 2012, hosted by SGUK President Lord Brougham & Vaux CBE

23 Suggestions for keeping up the effort.. l Set achievable objectives l Dont be afraid to ask for help l Dont be deterred l Exude enthusiasm l Review what went well/not so well l Celebrate success l Keep on moving forward l Continuous improvement programme

24 Selling H&S: red tape or value added? l The human cost l Freedom from enforcement l Hidden costs of accidents and ill-health l Sensible safety l Workforce morale and retention l In-house skills l Efficiency and effectiveness l Company profile and contracts/customers

25 Putting H&S on the map in your area l Mapping the local H&S community l Developing an exciting programme l Sending out local champions to others l Attending local events l Working with the local media l Local issues, local cases (accidents, prosecutions etc) l Sensible safety (setting the record straight) l Growing the H&S grapevine l Highlighting local successes

26 Help from SGUK How to guides… l How to: Develop and run a websiteDevelop and run a website l How to: Respond to public consultationsRespond to public consultations l How to: Manage a Health & Safety GroupManage a Health & Safety Group l How to: Organise a seminarOrganise a seminar

27 In Summary – Participation and spreading the word l More volunteers for the Committee and organising events? l Telling your contractors, customers, business partners, suppliers & service providers l Seeking local sponsors? l Developing communications? l Developing your website or help-line? l Getting on local events calendars? l Seeing what others are doing? l Sharing what works with other groups

28 Look at these examples: l Best Membership Recruitment & Retention Approach Nottinghamshire Occupational Safety & Health Association Nottinghamshire Occupational Safety & Health Association l Best Programme Sheffield Occupational Health & Safety Association Sheffield Occupational Health & Safety Association l Best Seminar / Workshop Suffolk & N Essex Occupational Safety Group Suffolk & N Essex Occupational Safety Group l Best Communication Sheffield Occupational Health & Safety Association Sheffield Occupational Health & Safety Association

29 CONTACTS: John Cairns Chairman SCOS, Vice Chairman SGUK Email: Hugh McCrea Hon Secretary SCOS Roger Bibbings, Safety Groups UK Secretary email:

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