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© NERC All rights reserved BGS Marine Programme 2008 Robert Gatliff Head Marine Geoscience.

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1 © NERC All rights reserved BGS Marine Programme 2008 Robert Gatliff Head Marine Geoscience

2 © NERC All rights reserved BGS Multibeam equipment – Kongsberg EM3002 Transducer Head Diameter: 332mm Height: 112mm Weight in air: 25kg GPS heading/positioning Motion sensor Acquisition Setup

3 © NERC All rights reserved South Rockall multibeam & seismic & Rockall Report Montrose Bristol Channel multibeam & seismic East English Channel multibeam MESH, Mingulay Summer Isles GeoSwath & multibeam Recent BGS multibeam surveys Outer Clyde multibeam, seismic, sediment contamination MESH Canyons Survey Inner Forth multibeam Lochs Lomond, Horne, Nevis & Linhe

4 © NERC All rights reserved Loch Lomond multibeam, boomer and magnetic survey Collaboration with Loch Lomond National Park Quaternary Geology Public education and outreach/exhibits

5 © NERC All rights reserved UKHO/SeaZone - to be completed by March 2008 Seabed Character and Bedform Mapping Pilot Area

6 © NERC All rights reserved To create a map like this Featureless Sand Sand waves Sand and gravel Rock Sand wave crestlines

7 Murchison House West Mains Road Edinburgh EH9 3LA Tel 0131 667 1000 © NERC All rights reserved 2008 Surveys NERC Marine Observatories

8 © NERC All rights reserved Tremadoc Bay with St Andrews University

9 © NERC All rights reserved Seabed Mapping Working Group Part of the UKMMAS process Will report to the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group (HBDSEG) Initiated February 2008 with a meeting to set objectives etc Attended by BGS, UKHO, CEFAS and JNCC Initial plan to deliver in January 2008

10 © NERC All rights reserved OBJECTIVE To submit a report and recommendations to Government and the proposed MMO (through HBDSEG/PSEG and MARG) with priority actions to improve the mapping, assessment and monitoring of seabed character, including the identification of priorities for new survey and resource requirements

11 © NERC All rights reserved Workstream 1: Assessment of existing data To assess the coverage, quality and suitability of existing seabed mapping data in relation to the needs of UKMMAS To highlight existing integration and best-practice in terms of data gathering, interpretation, product generation and dissemination (e.g SeaZone bathymetric maps; MESH) To identify areas where data have been collected but are not currently shared across different sectors or interpreted into useful end-products To assess resource requirements to interpret and make available geological and habitat maps and products from existing data Timetable for completion of workstream 1: By end April 2008

12 © NERC All rights reserved Workstream 2 Co-ordination of new surveys To develop the MCA COSH process to co-ordinate new seabed survey effort across Government-funded organisations to maximise the efficient use of available resources To encourage the collection of quality assured data that is suitable for multiple use across physical, hydrographic and biological disciplines (supporting the relevant standards from the UKMMAS Protocols Group) To identify areas where there is no de facto funded programme to complete data coverage in line with current and future UK and EU policy and legislative requirements Provide recommendations for achieving strategic national seabed maps of the UK designated area Timetable for completion of workstream II: By end August 2008

13 © NERC All rights reserved Workstream 3: Provision of data and information To promote, under the umbrella of MEDIN, the archiving of and access to seabed data and the supply of metadata to relevant web portals To promote the interpretation of seabed mapping data into standardised end-products (e.g. bathymetric, geological and habitat maps) of wide use in assessment, monitoring, management and planning. These should include, to the extent possible, maps for use in forthcoming assessments (Charting Progress 2 etc) Timetable for completion of workstream III: draft report by November 2008 Final report end January 2008

14 © NERC All rights reserved Composition of Working Group BGS, MCA, UKHO, JNCC and CEFAS Other organisations may indicate their willingness to participate in the WG at any time Membership of the WG is open to entities and organisations that can provide a relevant and constructive contribution

15 © NERC All rights reserved ACTIONS Presentation at COSH meeting where additional contributors will be invited to participate Contact those who have already expressed an interest in contributing Meetings to be kept to minimum with use of video conferencing and e-mail Next meeting in March/early April to assess progress with workstream 1 Discuss links with MEDIM with David Cotton Members of WG to begin workstream I

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