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Cultural Conformity and Adaptation Life in Society Chapter 3, section 1 Pgs. 44-48.

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1 Cultural Conformity and Adaptation Life in Society Chapter 3, section 1 Pgs. 44-48

2 Life in Society Traditional American Values Personal Achievement Individualism Work Morality and Humanitarianism Efficiency and Practicality Progress and Material Comfort Equality and Democracy Freedom Other Core values

3 Traditional American Values Personal Achievement This is most evident in the area of employment, where achievement often is measured in terms of power and wealth. Individualism This is the key to personal achievement Belief is that success comes through hard work and initiative. Does this mean if a person does not succeed that person is to blame?

4 Traditional American Values Work Americans view discipline, dedication, and hard work as a virtue. Those who choose not to work are viewed as lazy or even immoral. Morality and Humanitarianism Placing a high value on morality and view the world in terms of right and wrong. Strong urge to help those who are less fortunate.

5 Traditional American Values Efficiency and Practicality Americans tend to be practical and inventive Problem solving involves finding the most efficient techniques for dealing with a problem or Determining the most practical response to the issue at hand Americans tend to judge technology on their usefulness and people on their ability to get things done.

6 Traditional American Values Progress and Material Comfort Americans believe that through hard work and determination the standard of living will improve. Americans also believe that the ability of science and technology will make the world a better and more comfortable place. Americans also place a high value on material comfort.

7 Traditional American Values Equality and Democracy U.S. was founded on the basis of human equality. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”. To have human equality there must be an equality of opportunity and an equal chance of success. Although we value equality we do not necessarily believe that everyone will be equally successful.

8 Traditional American Values Freedom We value personal freedoms above all else Religion Speech Press We protect these freedoms from direct government interference. How have these personal freedoms been affected by government interference and new policy changes?

9 Other Core Values Nationalism Patriotism Science Rationality Race and group Superiority James Henslin suggested Education, and romantic love as additional values as well. Do you agree with Henslin?

10 Whats the difference?? Natonalism Excessive patriotism in one’s country. Nationalists believe that their interests, cultural and social values, or religion is superior to all others on the planet. Nationalists usually have no regard for other countries or cultures that are different from their own and believe they are superior to all others. Patriotism Pride in one’s country and pride in the accomplishments or achievements of one’s country, but not in an extreme way like nationalism (i.e. people who are patriotic love their country but not in a way that they think they are superior to people in other countries).

11 Values and Conflict Although values are important they can cause conflict. Individuals do not uphold values to the same degree. Upholding certain values like personal achievement and material comfort may weaken individual commitment to such values as morality and equality.

12 Our Changing Values Over time values change and new ones emerge like concern for the environment. These changes are because our cultural is dynamic Values that include leisure, physical fitness, and youthfulness are grouped under the term self fulfillment. This can lead to narcissism or extreme self centeredness coined by Christopher Lasch.

13 Our Changing Values How have American values changed in the last 50 years? Must complete with family member over 30 8-10 sentences (goal) May pre write (or type) before test

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