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Use of the Blackboard online learning environment for collaborative, self-directed projects David Dymock Senior Lecturer in Oral Microbiology Chairman,

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1 Use of the Blackboard online learning environment for collaborative, self-directed projects David Dymock Senior Lecturer in Oral Microbiology Chairman, Dental Education Committee

2 Plan of talk The old BDS curriculum –Special study elements Library projects Online projects The new BDS curriculum –Research concepts, methodologies and project

3 Structure of the old Bristol BDS programme Year 1 2 3 4 5 Weeks 30 30 42 42 42 Introductory fortnight Oral anatomy, biochemistry, physiology Human disease Oral disease Basic Medical Pathology & (O med,path,micro,rad) Sciences Microbiology (OMFS) Anatomy Pharmacology Biochemistry Physiology Biomaterials Science Basic Dental Techniques Advanced Elective Dentist in society Law & ethics Dental pub health, health/society BLSILS Introduction to Clinical dentistry Individual clinical teaching logbooks Topic teaching Clinical Practice in teaching divisions *: CDH, Restorative, OMFS & Oral Med,Path & Micro Credit DiplomaBMScBDS Continuum of Dental Education Didactic teaching – teaching divisions * outreach A & E 2 nd BDS3 rd BDSFinal BDS IFinal BDS II Continuous assessment Special Study Elements Elective

4 Special Study Element choices Modern Language –Spanish –French –Italian –German British Sign Language Project –Laboratory –Library –Blackboard online projects

5 Library projects



8 Using Blackboard Online assessment Feedback Timetables Reading Storing information, pro-formas, etc Presentations Communication WWW links

9 Constructing online projects Utilise Blackboard facilities to run the project –Self-explanatory structure within bespoke project sites –E-mail –WWW links –Discussion board –Digital dropbox –Feedback Require 3-6 students –Encourage both independent study and teamwork –Each individual benefits from efforts of others in the project group Offer different topics –Dental plaque (DD) –Oral cancer (Angela Hague)

10 Disclosed Microbiology and dentistry

11 Dental plaque can lead to disease Caries Health Gingivitis Periodontitis

12 Learning about dental plaque in the BDS programme Year 1 –General Biochemistry Year 2 –Oral Biology Years 3-5 –Clinically-orientated teaching units


14 Marketing the project Presented at Year 2 introductory lectures Registered all students before SSE choices made Provided detailed information within site








22 Project tasks 1.Each student to read and review a paper relating to dental plaque on a fortnightly basis 2.Submit reviews to discussion board and digital dropbox 3.Read and comment on reviews by others Repeat tasks 1, 2 & 3 six times 4.Provide a PowerPoint presentation to the group Assistance provided through the site



















41 The Discussion Board Review submission Communication –Asking and answering questions –Making comments –Providing links to relevant documents/internet links Filing cabinet












53 Completing the project 2004-05 –3 students –18 papers reviewed –3 oral presentations –3 reports –2 merits, 1 pass –Feedback obtained 2005-06 –4/5 students completed –27 papers reviewed –4 oral presentations provided –1 distinction, 3 merits –Feedback obtained


55 What did you feel were the benefits of choosing the Dental Plaque Project? Student 1 I flet more responsable for the ammount of work I did. Rather than being forced to hand work in (lots of 2nd & 3rdBDS felt like being at school again), you worked because you had an interest in the subject and were pretty much left to get on with it. Constant use of athens and pubmed trained us how to get the best out of these resources, therefore aiding other projects I have done since. Student 2 Not only was the project interesting with the oppurtunity to explore areas of personal interest in the particular area, it also benefited us all in the oral biochemistry element of 3rdBDS. The discussion board was used well and was noted by all as being a very valuble tool for the future. Also it was of enormous beefit to gain experience using online journals. This made the oral physiology library project research finding really straight forward.

56 What did you feel were the benefits of choosing the Dental Plaque Project? Student 3 The freedom to choose the subjects to read up on made this unit unique to the rest of the course, it allowed me to read up on subjects that I was interested in. The main benifit to me was at the end of it I could read and summerise papers,and this has already helped with other subjects. Student 4 really useful to learn how to search on the multiple databases, very useful for the phys lib project later in the 2nd year. Student 4 (ctd) also learned how ot be critical about information of essence thinking a little about whay was written,. not just accepting it as gospel. o and i widened my base of awareness of dental plaque..will be useful in coming years im sure i was able to get on with research and writing on my own, i didnt need to go to a class room at such and such a time. i like this independence. the deadlines were there so i worked to them at my own pace.

57 What did you feel were the possible disadvantages of choosing this project? The other subjects for SSE allowed the students to get away from dentistry which could be seen as a refreshing break. One could not have the oppurtunity to explore a new subject such as sign language. I haven't had the oppurtunity to do this before and it would have been interesting. i didnt think there were any

58 Feedback – improving transferable skills

59 Feedback – workload, BDS linkage

60 Did you feel that the assessment of the project and marking scheme used reflected the work put into the various components? Pretty spot on in my opinion I would have prefered a little more weight towards the presentation (including the acual delivery). Other than that distrubution of marks seemed fine I found it difficult to find something intelligent to say about each of the other peoples papers and I dont think it reflected the time spent reading them but it was worth while. the comments on the disscusion board were to highly weighted and the presentation too lightly weighted.

61 Did the Blackboard site give you the information you required to successfully complete your work for the project? If not, please provide suggestions for change. yes it did The only problems that I encounted through the project were: –My own time management (my fault) –Nasty journals wanting $30 for a paper. –I dont think that these could be solved so no. yes it did it was fine, and the links were very useful

62 What did you think of the help and instruction given by the lecturer? Were there specific areas where more assistance or advice would have been beneficial? How useful were the group meetings? meeting were useful as they were only really to see how we were gettinh along and to jolt us into doing a bit more work here and there. help and advice given was helpful. Group meeting were of good use. Made sure we were all singing off the same hymn sheet and they addressed any problems we had. The few group meetings we had were helpful but were short so walking in for them and nothing else on occasions were inconvenient. Dr Dymock watched over the project offered advice and suggestions when needed. But pretty much left us to get on with it. I think we all appreciated this approach. If there are other ways of getting papers for free that would have been useful.

63 If you have any other comments on the Dental Plaque project or possible future use of Blackboard for similar literature-based and discussion board-reported projects on a wider range of dentistry-related topics please provide them below. I think this project was really useful to dentists (a lot more than being able ask for shoes in german) and was the best choice for the open unit. I gained a lot from it and think is a very good idea. Thank you for the help nothing to say except ot should be done again....i cant see why is wouldnt be useful to have a small thing like this running through the whole 5 years. this would get students into the habbit of finding out about changes in dentistry and increase their knowledge of dentistry holisticaly. i would like something like that.

64 Pros and cons of Bbd online projects Pros 21 st century approach Monitoring progress Transferable skills Independent study Individuals benefit from group effort Feedback is positive Plagiarism detection Cons Set-up Marketing essential Not every article available electronically Sufficient numbers required

65 Reviewing the curriculum Reviewed 2005 Pressure on year 2 –Students want earlier patient contact Electives –Safety considerations? –Educational value? GDC First Five Years Validated spring 2006 Implemented autumn 2006

66 Popularity of SSE options since 2001-02

67 Teaching hours Year 2 BDS 2004-05 ML - 48 hours BSL - 60 hours

68 The First Five Years THE CONTINUITY OF DENTAL EDUCATION 12. The primary dental degree or diploma represents only the first stage in an educational continuum which should last throughout a dentists practising life. Graduation is usually followed at an early stage by a period of vocational training which under current proposals may evolve into a two-year period of general professional training. Some dentists may then choose to undertake a period of specialist training. Beyond these formal educational arrangements, the dentist will be required to undertake a minimum amount of continuing professional development as a condition of maintaining registration with the GDC. The curriculum must prepare students to undertake self-directed learning throughout their professional lives.

69 The First Five Years THE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT 31. The university will also provide library facilities and information technology resources. These should be sufficient to enable all dental students to undertake guided self-learning. Formal instruction should be given in the use of personal learning techniques, such as computer-assisted learning, with emphasis on the developing area of health informatics.

70 The First Five Years ELECTIVE STUDIES 108. It is desirable, though not essential, for dental students to visit other dental schools or dental clinical centres, either in the United Kingdom or abroad, during the period of clinical study. The main objective should be to broaden the undergraduates education by exploring the dental problems and dental management systems in another context. As far as possible, curricula should be designed to facilitate opportunities for elective studies. Elective visits might be arranged around a project consisting of either audit or research, and the results should be presented on return by students in written form or verbally before an audience.

71 Bristol BDS programme structure from 2006 Year 1 2 3 4 5 Weeks 30 38 42 42 42 Introductory fortnight Basic Medical Pathology & Sciences Microbiology Anatomy Pharmacology Biochemistry Social dentistry Physiology Biomaterials Science BLS ILS Basic Dental Techniques Advanced Clinical Foundation Elements Dental assisting Disability & special needs Clinician-patient interface Anxiety and pain control and conscious sedation Periodontology Radiation protection Research concepts, methodologies and project Research Project Record of achievement – reflective portfolio – personal and professional development Symposia Basic & clinical sciences Clinical Practice & Outreach Integrated adult and child dental care Credit DiplomaBMScBDS Continuum of Dental Education A & E Didactic teaching – teaching divisions - integrated Continuous Assessment Yr1 Yr Yr3 Yr4 Final BDS Human disease Oral disease Oral Biology

72 Research concepts, methodologies and project (Year 2) Lecture course –History and Philosophy of Science –Evidence-Based Medicine/Dentistry –Epidemiology –Questionnaire Design –Data analysis and Presentation –Qualitative Research –Writing a Protocol –Ethics –Statistics –Clinical trials in dentistry –Dissemination of data Dental research symposium

73 Research concepts, methodologies and project (Years 3 & 4) Project preparation through Blackboard-based site –Compulsory for all students –Literature searching, reviewing, reporting, discussing Termly rotations of topics Choice of topics based on academic interests of staff Discussion board-based group work Team-working towards projects –Database of approved centres for projects (UK/abroad) Project –Group decisions on topics –Individuals contribute to totality –Peer marking

74 Acknowledgements Angela Hague Learning Technology Support Service –Julian Cook, Andy Ramsden Centre for Medical Education –Jane Williams, Dominic Alder Lis Jones

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