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An Overview Of The ALSPAC Data Resource RSS Avon Local Group Meeting 26 th May 2009 David Herrick

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1 An Overview Of The ALSPAC Data Resource RSS Avon Local Group Meeting 26 th May 2009 David Herrick

2 What is ALSPAC? Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children Cohort study of children and their parents, based in the former county of Avon (excluding Bath) Designed to determine ways in which the individuals genotype combines with environmental pressures to influence health and development

3 Study design Eligibility criteria: Mothers had to be resident in the study area and have an expected date of delivery between 1 st April 1991 and 31 st December 1992 Avon was broadly representative of the UK as a whole and has a relatively stable population Core sample of 14,541 pregnancies resulting in 14,062 live born children

4 Data Sources Self Completion Questionnaires Hands on Assessments Biological Samples DNA Direct School Contact Health Records Linked Datasets Sub Studies

5 Self completion questionnaires (1) Carer (17, 4 during pregnancy) Mothers health, home environment, income, education, employment etc. Partner (15, 2 during pregnancy) Child-based, completed by main carer (23) Childs health, development, behaviour, diet etc. Child-completed (22) Teeth, school, home, hobbies, substance use, mental health etc. Annual puberty questionnaires (9) Tanner staging, menarchy

6 Self completion questionnaires (2) Miscarriages Adult Learning (Carer & Partner) Single mail shot; follow up telephone interview DCSF Year 11 (Carer & Child) Education - attitudes & aspirations Friendships (Child) Single mail shot; aim to identify which other study children child is friends with

7 Hands on assessments (1) Children in Focus 10% sample seen 10 times between 4 & 61 months 1432 attended at least 1, 1000 at least 8, 539 all 10 Physical measures: Anthropometry, blood pressure, lung function, skin, hair & eye observations, allergy testing, vision, hearing, dental Cognitive measures: habituation, memory, speech Environmental measures: diet, pollution, parenting, day care Blood samples

8 Hands on assessments (2) Focus Sessions Annual assessments, starting with Focus@7, to which the whole cohort is invited Physical: Measures, bone density, fitness, vision, hearing, allergies, blood / saliva samples, vascular function, lung function, acne Cognitive / behavioural: IQ, speech & language, bullying, antisocial activities, friends, substance use, romantic relations, psychosis, depression

9 Biological samples Maternal blood & urine Paternal blood & saliva Umbilical cord blood & slices Placentas Childrens teeth, hair and nail clippings Childrens blood, saliva & urine

10 DNA DNA for: ~10,000 children ~10,000 mothers ~1,000 partners ~6700 mother/child pairs ~700 trios Blood for cell lines for: ~7,000 children ~5,700 mothers ~1,400 fathers

11 ALSPAC at School Children born between: Apr 1991 & Aug 1991 Sep 1991 & Aug 1992 Sep 1992 & Dec 1992 Reception199519961997 Key Stage 1199819992000 Key Stage 2200220032004 Key Stage 3200520062007 GCSE200720082009

12 Direct School Contact (1) Contact with ~350 primary schools in the four local LEAs: Bristol South Gloucestershire North Somerset Bath and North East Somerset Private & special schools included Parental contact for out of area cases

13 Direct School Contact (2) Questionnaires in Year 3 & Year 6: School (Head teacher) Class (Class teacher) Child (Class teacher) Maths test in Year 4 Maths, Spelling & Science tests in Year 6 Year 6 maths test repeated in Year 8

14 Health Records Delivery notes Abstracted by midwives ~ 8300 in full ~ 2300 shortened version ~ 2000 further planned Convulsions (n 400) Hospital admissions Selected from questionnaire responses Special Care Baby Unit (n 1000)

15 Linked Datasets ONS Tracing Electronic antenatal & birth records National Pupil Database Address based Currently investigating PCT data, HES, Home Office, DWP, HESA

16 Sub Studies (1) Avon Brothers and Sisters Study Becoming a Teenager Before Breakfast Study Being 3 British Gas Study Bunk Bed Study DATE (diet and physical activity study) Deuterium Family Study Four Seasons (physical activity calibration study)

17 Sub Studies (2) Fractures Identifying Developmental Impairments K4 (physical activity calibration study) Lightbox (as an alternative to anthropometery) Noise Study Peanut & Other Allergies Scan and Swim Teenager at Thirteen Twins Secret Language

18 Response Figures Jan 2002

19 Data Access Model Contact ALSPAC via email Receive CD/Download guide to Data sets Download Research Proposal Form Incorporates Data Agreement Form Submit proposal to ALSPAC Exec Receive dataset limited to research question/s Variables are identified by collaborator Built by ALSPAC statisticians/data staff Extensions require further submission

20 Publications

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