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Honors Biology Mr. Berkheimer Room 116-C

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1 Honors Biology Mr. Berkheimer Room 116-C

2 Classroom Expectations  Follow Directions  Every student in class, on time, every day  Have appropriate materials every day (notebook, text book, pencil/pen, composition book and calculator for some labs)  Use appropriate language  Stay alert, and involved with the lesson  Student electronic devices will not interfere with the classroom  Check Calendar Daily for assignments

3 Evaluations  Quarter grades will be determined by percentages of the total points earned in the following categories: Tests, Quizzes, homework, Labs, Projects, notebook and Reports. Grades are posted on Powerschool.

4 Lab Experience  Students will be asked to perform laboratory experiments following safety precautions during Honors Biology  Some labs will be directly followed, while others will be student created  Students will write several formal lab reports following the WHS lab report format for Honors Biology

5 Textbook

6 Unit 1 The Nature of Life 1. The Science of Biology 2. The Chemistry of Life

7 Unit 2 Ecology 3. The Biosphere 4. Ecosystems and Communities 5. Populations 6. Humans in the Biosphere

8 Unit 3 Cells 7. Cell Structure and Function 8. Photosynthesis 9. Cellular Respiration and Fermentation 10. Cell Growth and Division

9 Unit 4 Genetics 11. Introduction to Genetics 12. DNA 13. RNA and Protein Synthesis 14. Human Heredity 15. Genetic Engineering

10 Unit 5 Evolution 16. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution 17. Evolution of Populations 18. Classification 19. History of Life

11 Unit 6 From Microorganisms to Plants 20. Viruses and Prokaryotes 21. “Protists” and Fungi 22. Introduction to Plants

12 Unit 7 Animals 25. Introduction to Animals 26. Animal Evolution and Diversity

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