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rainbow Why can we see a colourful rainbow after a rain?

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2 rainbow

3 Why can we see a colourful rainbow after a rain?


5 Colours of the rainbowred orange yellow green indigo blue violet

6 Do exercise: What colours are they? 1. snow 2. the sky 3. grapes 4. bananas 5. trees 6. apples 7. ______ desks 8. ______ hair white blue violet(purple) yellow green red (green) brown black(white/gray)

7 the names of the colours red; green; yellow; blue; orange; purple white; black; brown; gray; pink; violet; indigo deep ( dark ) + color : deep blue; deep green; dark brown light + color: light yellow; light blue; light green bright / rich + color bright/ rich red; bright / rich yellow

8 We live in a world full of colours. The world would be a dull place without them.

9 Because of the colours, we can wear nice clothes to make ourselves beautiful!

10 Because we have colours, we can paint well.

11 Colours can affect our moods.

12 Colours and moods How many kinds of colours are mentioned in the text? What are they? What do we feel when we see them?

13 the feeling of harmony.

14 We are feeling blue! 

15 Calm colours calm: feel relaxed, calm,peaceful, sad be good for the mind and body create the feeling of harmony

16 the colour of purity.

17 Are you feeling stressed?

18 Calm colours purity: feel calm peaceful the colour of purity white

19 success cheer you up.

20 Warm colours Joy: feel warm a happy and contented feeling bring you success and cheer you up orange

21 the colour of the sun a warm and sunny day

22 Don’t you think they are clever sunny babies? Yellow is also the colour of wisdom.

23 Warm colours wisdom: remind you of a warm, sunny day the colour of wisdom; feel warm happy yellow

24 new life and growth. Wearing green may make you energetic.

25 the colour of nature

26 Energetic colours growth: feel energetic; give energy; new life and growth; the colour of nature; the colour of money and envy green

27 the colour of heat and strong feelings

28 red makes it easier for you to take action.

29 Strong colours power: the colour of heat and strong feeling; help you take action and make a decision red

30 colour feeling calm warm energetic strong blue white orange yellow green red relax and peaceful happy and content, warm and comfortable energetic powerful

31 calm blue white represent warm orange yellow energeticgreen strong red sadnessharmony purity joysuccess sunwisdom new life and growth nature, money, envy power heat strong feelings

32 Choose “ T” or “ F” 1. Blue is a calm and peaceful colour. 2. You should wear green clothes if you are feeling stressed. 3. Blue can also represent sadness and purity. 4. Orange is one of the warm colours.It represent joy. 5. It’s good to use yellow stationery when you study for exams. 6. If you are somebody who needs physical strength, you should wear white clothes. T F F T T F

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