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Unit #1: Birth of a Nation Domestic Issues Facing the New Nation.

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1 Unit #1: Birth of a Nation Domestic Issues Facing the New Nation

2 Manifest Destiny The belief that the U.S. was “ordained” to expand to the Pacific Including Mexican & Native American territories Many Americans believed it was their destiny to “manifest” and conquer west

3 Slavery in New States Slavery was a hot issue when adding new states to the Union Admitting Missouri as a slave state would disrupt the balance of power between free states (North) & slave states (South) So… Maine was added as a free state & Missouri was added as a slave state in 1820

4 Missouri Compromise (1820) All states added to the Union in the Louisiana Territory after 1820 and were located north of Missouri would be added as free states

5 Removing the Indians Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, & Seminoles made up the 5 major tribes in the South Pres. Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act (1830) Granted him funds & authority to remove all Native Americans by force if necessary Southern states began active campaigns to forcibly remove (push west) all Native Americans

6 Trail of Tears 1820’s: Cherokee tribe was quite assimilated to U.S. culture Supreme Court deemed them a “domestic dependent nation” providing federal protection from the state of Georgia Jackson ignored that ruling & bought their land From 1835-1838, 16,000 Cherokee migrated to land west of the Mississippi River… some 3,000 of them died along this “ trail”

7 Westward Expansion (summary) 1803: Louisiana Purchase; doubled territory 1845: Annexation of Texas 1846: Oregon Country 1848: Mexican Cession 1853: Gadsden Purchase; southern AZ & NM 1867: Alaska 1898: Hawaii

8 Slavery & Abolition 1820s: Abolition Movement was underway William Lloyd Garrison (1828) Called for immediate emancipation Frederick Douglass (African-American) Started anti-slavery newspaper The North Star

9 Turner’s Rebellion August 1831: Nat Turner (slave) organized attack on 4 plantations in Virginia Was successful in killing 60 whites Turner & others were later captured and executed Symbolic of one of the first successful slave revolts

10 Women & Reform Women began to have more of a voice in society Fought for various reforms: Temperance movement (prohibition of alcohol) Higher education for women Women’s health Abolition of slavery (1840: Anti-Slavery Convention) Women’s suffrage (1848: Seneca Falls Convention)

11 Sectionalism As the Union expanded and developed, free states (north) and slave states (south) became increasingly divided Sectional divisions developed between North & South Economy – tariffs Slavery – expansion or abolition

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