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Language Learning Targets based on CLIMB standards.

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1 Language Learning Targets based on CLIMB standards

2 I can explain the proper function of the following parts of speech, using a variety of sentences: nounspronouns verbs adjectivesandadverbs. L.3.1

3 I can use regular and irregular plural nouns and verbs in a variety of sentences. L.3.1

4 I can explain abstract nouns. L.3.1

5 I can use simple verb tenses. L.3.1

6 I can explain how verbs and pronouns agree. L.3.1

7 I can use ‐ er and ‐ est correctly when using adverbs and adjectives. L.3.1

8 I can use conjunctions to create complete sentences. L.3.1

9 I can create simple, complex, and compound sentences. L.3.1

10 I can use correct capitalization,,, punctuation,, and spelling when writing. L.3.2

11 I can capitalize titles correctly. L.3.2

12 I can use commas correctly in addresses. L.3.2

13 I can use commas and quotation marks in dialogue. L.3.2

14 I can form and use possessives. L.3.2

15 I can spell high - frequency words correctly. I can use spelling patterns to write words. L.3.2

16 I can use reference materials to check and correct spelling. L.3.2

17 I can choose words or phrases for effect. L.3.3

18 I can recognize the difference between how to use spoken and written words. L.3.3

19 I can use glossaries and dictionaries that are in print and online. L.3.4

20 I can use root words I know to determine the meaning of new words. L.3.4

21 I can use context clues to find the meaning of a new word. L.3.4

22 I can use prefixes and suffixes to find the meaning of a word. L.3.4

23 I can distinguish between literal and figurative meanings of words and phrases. L.3.5

24 I can use figurative language,,, such as similes and, metaphors,. L.3.5

25 I can make connections between words and how they are used. L.3.5

26 I can infer slight differences in meaning between synonyms. L.3.5

27 I can use words to show time and place. L.3.6

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