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Hackney Partnership Triage: Two years on

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1 Hackney Partnership Triage: Two years on
Florence Kroll Assistant Director Young Hackney 1

2 Background Lack of coordinated response to Merlin reports prior to Partnership Triage Responses often ill informed in assessing risk and need because of lack of other information During the past year, Partnership Triage’s role has broadened to take in more than Police referrals. Referrals are now accepted from: Schools Health Visitors School Nurses Children's Centres Parenting Service

3 Current situation Change to staffing profile of Partnership Triage
Researchers carry out multi-agency checks on 9 databases: - Children's Social Care (Capita/Comino) - Education and Children's Centres (EMS and e-start) - Young Hackney (IYSS/UMIS/YOIS) - NHS (Electronic Patient Records/RIO) Total number of referrals: - Year 1 (July 2009-June 2010) 5467 - Year 2 (July 2010-June 2011) 6054 - Year 3 (July 2011-December 2011) 3607 Now linked to Children & Young People’s Partnership Panel

4 Trends * year 3 data for first six months only (July-December 2011)

5 Children & Young People’s Partnership Panel
Provides management oversight Resource allocation through high level decision making Step up and step down to/from Children’s Social Care Step across from Children's Centres, early CAMHS services and Health Visitors Identifies, responds to and tracks troubled families 648 cases have been referred to the panel since April 2010

6 Benefits Domestic Violence - pathways and procedures
Missing children - able to provide scrutiny reports Children Missing Education Highlighted duplications in work as well as gaps in service provision Borough wide response to safeguarding, vulnerability and risk of harm

7 Evaluation Year long evaluation project planned from April 2012
Analysis of both the Partnership Triage Unit and The Children & Young People’s Partnership Panel Case studies tracking a child or young person through the system In-depth interviews with professionals and stakeholders A sample of high repeat cases and cases resulting in NFA Review the effectiveness of early intervention and partnership working

8 Next steps London wide evaluation
Wealth of information to inform and plan service delivery, in particular for troubled families Further developments of partnerships with adult services and CAMHS Single point of contact

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