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London Safeguarding Board Working Together to Respond to the Needs of Trafficking Children.

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1 London Safeguarding Board Working Together to Respond to the Needs of Trafficking Children

2 Can You and Your Team Identify When They Are Dealing With a Child Who Might be Trafficked The London Safeguarding Children Board Safeguarding Trafficked Children Pilot Toolkit is available to assist you

3 Trafficking Routes

4 [I] London Trafficked Children Toolkit 2009 available online:

5 Involved Agencies Trafficking Toolkit Pilot Boroughs [13 local authorities] Supported by the ADCS/Ada s s Camden - Glasgow - Harrow - Hillingdon - Hounslow - Islington - Kent - Liverpool - Manchester - Slough - Solihull – Southwark - Westminster - Metropolitan Police Service and Regional Police Services

6 Child Trafficking Lauren Watts, Slough Borough Council

7 Impact of trafficking on health & welfare of children Identifying the victims – Everyone's responsibility! At the time they are found, trafficked children may not show any obvious signs of distress or obvious harm. Children are often deprived of their rights to health care, freedom from exploitation and abuse & access to education

8 Case study Maria - a 13yr old victim Police operation 13 yr old victim recovered Romanian Roma community Roma village Romania Family arranged for flights to UK Placed with a family in suburban environment Domestic servitude Driven daily to locations to beg and sell the Big Issue charity magazine

9 Roma village – Romania

10 Criminal investigation and care planning, a twin track process Child protection procedures – trafficking toolkit S47, S20/ ICO Care proceedings Police – Child protection & prosecution NOT just prosecution Partnership Sharing of info critical Conscious of conflict of interests (Court proceedings) Police prepared to intervene / LA advise Police to intervene or become a party

11 Marias Care Plan Care proceedings / Triple Track Planning Return to family in Romania Return to care of Romanian authorities Remain in long term foster care in UK Assessments Romanian Social Services Slough Borough Council Children's Services

12 Marias support package Foster placement out of area Romanian speaking social worker – 2 home visits per week, phone contact every other day. Child Mental Health Worker – Weekly home visits Education – Tutoring at home / school Supervised phone contact with Mum Independent Reviewing Officer Allocated Social Worker Romanian Films / Roma music

13 EU legislation that may impact on the jurisdiction of the LA to care for a child Issue of habitual residence Human Rights Act – Right to life Hague Convention - Rights of custody Trafficking Convention Council Regulation (EC) Brussels IIR EU Council Directive 2003/9/EC – Minimum standards for reception of asylum seekers

14 Considerations when repatriating a child to their country of origin A court can not refuse to return a child on the basis of Article 13(b) of the 1980 Hague Convention if it is established that adequate arrangements have been made to secure the protection of the child after his or her return. Article 11 - Brussels IIR

15 Advantages of working with Embassies and Consulates Confirming identity and country of origin of victim. 1 st Point of Contact for Police & LA in home country Protocols & assistance re visiting country of origin for assessments EU Council Directive 2003/9/EC – Minimum standards for reception of asylum seekers

16 Maria – The Outcomes Father cloned his daughters identity and trafficked another child victim in Spain 4 adults convicted – Trafficking into UK, Internal trafficking and child neglect Total sentences – 24 years imprisonment 1st convictions for trafficking child into UK 2 nd convictions for internal trafficking High Court hearings – HRA, Hague Convention, Brussels II High Court decision – Maria returned to Romania

17 Thank you Lauren Watts

18 The Matrix AFUA CASE STUDY 19 Suspected Indicators On investigation19 Confirmed

19 What can we do to better safeguarding against child trafficking? Working In Partnership TRAINING CAPTURE YOUR CONCERNS & REFER ( use the child trafficking indicator matrix ASSESS & IDENTIFY SAFEGAURD AND PROTECT MINIMISE THE RISK OF CHLDREN GOING MISSING FROM CARE HOW INVESTIGATE apply a trafficking lens using the Indicator Matrix ASSESS; Children Social Care use the Child Trafficking Assessment Tool to Identify a victim and the childs needs and continuing risks they may face (MINIMISE THE RISK of a child GOING MISSING Refer all cases to competent authority (UKBA where children are subject to immigration control, in all other case refer to UKHTC).

20 Guidance Definitions and principles Who, what, where, why, how of child trafficking Role of specific agencies and services Identification and referral processes Age assessments Multi Agency Training Particularly vulnerable groups of children – inter-country adoption, private fostering, trafficked children who are looked after, missing children Role of Local Safeguarding Childrens Boards National referral mechanism – reasonable grounds/conclusive decision Risk assessment indicator matrix (Appendix 9) Trafficking assessment tool and NRM Referral form (Appendix 16) Referral mechanism to forward assessment to competent authority for decision Quick referral tables and flowcharts (Appendices 10, 11, 12 etc) Multi-agency training matrix (Appendix 4) Toolkit highlights

21 Ongoing Developments … Safeguarding Trafficked Children Pilot toolkit good practice documents developed by the pilot local authorities available at Information sharing and Safeguarding referral protocol: Working Together Local Authorities -------LSCBs--------UKBA------ ADCS ACPO and ACPOS October 2009 Update to the 2007 UK Action Plan on tackling Human Trafficking. This is reflected in 9 new actions in this year's action plan update. The Toolkit is available for download at afeguarding_trafficked_children_toolkit_july_2009.pdf afeguarding_trafficked_children_toolkit_july_2009.pdf

22 Philip Ishola Service Manager Harrow Children Service & Coordinator London-SCB Child Trafficking National Toolkit Pilot Sarah Wood Detective Constable Paladin Team Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command Lauren Watts Lauren Watts is a Team Manager for Slough Children Services & Slough Borough Councils, Children services management lead on Child Trafficking A Professional Advisor to Metropolitan Police 'Operation Golf', Jennifer Money Team Manager (UKBA) London Areas Children Asylum Team. UKBA Operational lead for implementing the Trafficking Convention in the London Area. Jennifer was a Competent Authority in Pentameter 2,

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