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Improving Safeguarding in the London NHS

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1 Improving Safeguarding in the London NHS
Alan Bedford, Safeguarding Improvement Director, NHS London The annual conference of the LONDON SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN BOARD ‘SAFEGUARDING LONDON'S CHILDREN’ Wednesday 9th DECEMBER 2009 Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Broad Sanctuary, Westminster

2 This seminar will….. Remind us of key Baby Peter findings from the executive summary and the CQC review of health bodies in the case Remind us of the findings of the CQC review of safeguarding in the NHS Describe the work of the SHA Safeguarding Improvement Team Identify other London wide work Gather views on key issues Facilitate a discussion on these issues Identify priority areas for further work

3 Selected learning from Baby P exec summary
The Need for Authoritative Child Protection practice - Avoiding the ‘tendency to believe’ -Taking CP Plans seriously - Getting experts to case conferences - ‘Tight grip on intervention’ - Clarifying all key household members - Practice that makes demands on parents Interagency Communication (again) - Understanding what each professional is trying to achieve Ensuring Safeguarding awareness in universal services - Joint teams, CAF, GP-HV communication - Don’t assume others have perceived what you do Lack of Challenge When Conducting Basic Inquiries

4 Baby Peter exec summary conclusions and recommendations
Lacking urgency Lacking thoroughness Insufficient challenge Lacking action to reasonable inference Not enough child focus Thresholds too high Expectations too low Recommendations: NHS/Legal/Police/SW—all to be trained in authoritative practice And to understand the authority in their roles Multiagency audit of interventions Challenge low expectations of parental care Joint local teams Boost the CAF

5 CQC recommendations for the NHS on Baby Peter
Governance Focussed: Trust to ensure staff are clear on safeguarding and properly trained Trusts to ensure staff numbers are adequate eg Paeds Establish clear systems between health and SSD Boards to assure themselves the system works -safeguarding supervision -case conference attendance -training -declarations These have universal application to the NHS

6 CQC Safeguarding Children NHS Review ( selected)
Findings: Designated and named staff: time allocation variable. 30% no written brief Many GP practices with no designated lead Few ring fenced training budgets % up to date with training Access to child protection clinician not always 24 hours Safeguarding specifications in contracts patchy Concern about provider Trust engagement with LSCBs Recommendations: Boards to review arrangements for safeguarding (espec. training) Commissioners to make certain their provider arrangements ( including GPs) are effective—especially with commissioner/provider splits

7 Safeguarding Improvement Team
The SHA (with PCT support) wanted to develop something extra to help the NHS post Baby Peter A team made up of doctors nurses and managers from the NHS across London, offering assessment and advice to their peers Led by the SHA Safeguarding Improvement Going to each NHS patch (PCT plus NHS providers) for 2 days At a time that suits the patch This is about support rather than inspection Briefing by top teams—meeting key leaders and practitioners-visits to service areas eg A&E, community clinics, GP surgery Feedback given before we leave We will adapt if there has been recent Ofsted/CQC inspection, or is about to be one This is about focus on the NHS—so that we bring the best we can to the multidisciplinary, multiagency agenda (We ask the LSCB chair to gives us a system wide perspective)

8 Other NHS London initiatives
Designated/named doctor and nurse fora Recruitment and training Leadership for Influence Recruiting and retaining Health Visitors Serious case reviews (SCRs) auditing Monitoring of core standards C2 Declarations in regard to David Nicholson’s letter ( ) IT solution for real-time monitoring of children at A&E Pilot within Haringey cluster for children subject to a child protection plan Strategic safeguarding children guidance Commissioning templates

9 Discussion What strikes you as the really key issues for the NHS?
- locally where you are - London wide - nationally What are the high risk issues—where the NHS has a vulnerability that must be addressed? Those of you from outside the NHS—what is your view? Do you have recommendations for the NHS in London? What further support may be helpful?

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