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Human Exploitation and Organised Crime OCU

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1 Human Exploitation and Organised Crime OCU
SCD 9 Human Exploitation and Organised Crime OCU Inspector Jon Birch 2nd July 2010

2 Background to SCD9 Trafficking and Immigration review late 2009
Identified duplication of effort between MPS teams Human Trafficking Team funding due to end No single point of contact for trafficking Need to have centre of excellence Need to have strong and clear links with partners Need to continue support for other areas of exploitation Joined Specialist Crime Directorate 1st April 2010 Single point of contact for trafficking from that date

3 Partnership contacts Barnardos NSPCC Children's Society ECPAT
Stop The Traffik Croydon Community Against Trafficking London Councils CEOP – Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre Refugee Council and many more….

4 Trafficking and Prostitution Unit
Two proactive teams investigating human trafficking and organised criminal networks controlling prostitution Brothels team responsible for intelligence gathering in off-street premises Olympic boroughs team working with five footprint boroughs as 2012 approaches Crime squad assisting borough officers with street prostitution, kerb crawling and carding

5 Trafficking and Prostitution Unit
Operational priorities: Children Human trafficking Violence and coercion Organised criminal networks

6 Interventions Intelligence gathering visits to brothels across London
Proactive operations Priority given to operations involving children Intelligence - led street sweeps Fast - time visits to brothels where children are suspected Publicity around child sexual exploitation

7 A Child’s experience Victim 16 years old, befriended by male in Lithuania Deceived into believing male is boyfriend who pays for trip to UK for a ‘weekend break’ On arrival in UK he leaves for a meeting and hands victim to ‘friends’ to 'look after her’ Boyfriend never seen again

8 A Child’s experience Taken to Sheffield with males
Threats made to her and her family if she didn’t provide sexual services for money Moved from Sheffield and sold to Albanian males in London Placed into brothel in London

9 Operational Start Point
Police contacted by BBC following concerns by mother who had reported daughter missing in Lithuania Mother has received money transfer from Hounslow in London Police conduct immediate enquiries and rescue victim from brothel in Hounslow

10 Operational Start Point
Officers return victim to NGO in Lithuania for safety and conduct full debrief of victim Operation begins to identify traffickers and controllers involved Identifies series of brothels in London linked to traffickers of victim

11 Investigation Established:
Series of brothels identified in Hounslow 5 Albanians identified running the criminal network. 15 – 20 women working in the premises. Each earning between £300 - £700 a day for traffickers.

12 Arrests 21 victims identified and rescued.
Other victims identified through debriefs £35,000 cash found in safe house. Money transfers to foreign bank accounts identified and seized.

13 Flamur DeMarku 18yrs imprisonment Agron DeMarku Izzet Fejzullahu 18yrs imprisonment 14 yrs Bedri DeMarku 8 yrs Xhevair DeMarku imprisonment yrs imprisonment


15 Child trafficking case study 1
Identified criminal network recruiting children from Africa Forced into prostitution and worked across the EU UK identified as a trafficking staging post Victim identified in prison for document offences. Attended crown court with agency and assisted victim into accommodation and negotiated withdrawal of document offence charges Arrests and charges anticipated shortly

16 Child trafficking case study 2
Identified criminal network within the UK Children trafficked both within the UK and from outside Very large sums of money involved Trial later this year

17 Child trafficking case study 3
Victim brought to UK from Africa 'Employed' as domestic servant Denied access to passport Sleeping on mat on the floor Not allowed to leave house unless escorted Looking after children, cooking and cleaning Charges pending

18 Abusive and Extreme Images Unit
Proactive team investigating the production and distribution of obscene material, including indecent images of children Computer Crime Unit investigating those who share indecent images of children via the internet.


20 Operation Caiman Over 250 suspects identified since Jan 2007, including: London arrest for 500,000 indecent images, largest collection found by to date. London – arrest for possessing indecent images. Had also sexually assaulted a 13 year old neighbour and had set up a video camera to covertly film people using his toilet.

21 Any Questions?

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