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Barnardos Registered Charity Nos 216250 and SC037605 BARNARDOS LONDON SEXUAL EXPLOITATION Preventative Programme 2008-12.

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1 Barnardos Registered Charity Nos and SC BARNARDOS LONDON SEXUAL EXPLOITATION Preventative Programme

2 Overview Funded by London Councils as part of a strategy to tackle child sexual exploitation across London. Will work with London Safeguarding Children Board and Local Safeguarding Boards to ensure awareness is raised, vulnerable children are identified and accessed to services.

3 Builds on Barnardos experience of delivering the Preventative Programme Designed to meet needs highlight by Barnardos research: Meeting the needs of Sexually Exploited Children in London Programme has been fully evaluated – It Could Be Anyone. Will focus on children & YP most likely to be vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

4 Intended Outcomes of the Preventative Education Programme For Professionals Outcome1 Professionals are educated to identify children at risk of or experiencing sexual exploitation by adults and peers: Outcome 2 Professionals are educated about how to protect and support children at risk of or experiencing sexual exploitation or bullying and have increased knowledge of services available.

5 Outcome 1 Children and Young People have increased knowledge and confidence enabling them to resist unwanted sexual advances, report sexual exploitation and seek protection. Outcome 2 Children & Young People are educated about how to protect themselves from SE and have increased knowledge of services available. For Children and Young People

6 For Professionals Every borough will have: A presentation to the LSCB. A days Multi Agency Training for LSCB. An awareness raising session for residential social workers and managers. Consultancy and advice at Multi-Agency strategy meetings held under the LSCB procedures; How will this be achieved?

7 For Children & Young People Education sessions using the B Wise 2 Sexual Exploitation Pack in year 9 in selected secondary schools. Sessions in Pupil Referral Units Sessions in residential Childrens homes.

8 Is based on recent experience with children at SEone. Designed for use with year olds in schools, pupil referral units and residential units. Enables professionals to feel informed about child sexual exploitation. Provides session plans and activities for use by facilitators.

9 6 Topics Covered What is child sexual exploitation? Uses triangles of abuse Case study of Jada and Rowland Grooming Four stages of the grooming process Real face or mask exercise Child abuser Prosecution triangle Child sex offender Abused child

10 Power & Control Uses Duluth wheel Mood boards Poetry writing exercise

11 Risk Management How running away increases risk of being targeted. Techniques some dangerous adults use Risk management toolkit

12 Equal, consensual & respectful relationships Uses wheel of equal relationships. What is consent? Exercise. Agony aunt letters

13 Support, protection and the law Legal or illegal quiz. Police case file How can sexually exploited girls and boys be supported? Useful numbers A new ending

14 Plans for Evaluating the Programme Learning from the evaluation It could be anyone Schools Sessions: Children & Young Peoples knowledge and understanding of risky adults and situations was improved in the short term.

15 Residential Units & PRUs Young peoples feedback showed they had enjoyed the session and found them worthwhile. Young People believed their awareness had been raised by the session. Young peoples knowledge was strongest when describing impact of CE & Services.

16 Professionals Majority showed marked improvement in knowledge of CSE. Majority of those not able to answer questions at all about CSE before training were able to afterwards. Follow up groups found professionals very positive about the programme.

17 Plans to evaluate the Programme Will incorporate these challenges:- Professionals Programme sessions will be spread thinner across wide range than previously. Interviewing PSHE co-ordinators in more depth. Targeting larger numbers of residential social workers.

18 Children and YP in schools: Pre-testing of sample of children. Children & YP in PRU/Residential settings Most difficult to engage group in previous evaluations with one PRU Focus with on PRU on piloting more innovation ways of involving children in research, Allow more time & resources to engage children.

19 Meeting the recovery needs of Children Identified via the Preventative Education Programme Experience from the programme shows greater awareness will lead to children being recognized as Sexually exploited. Safeguarding- Professionals more likely to acknowledge CE when a specialist service is available. Metropolitan Police – committed to network of specialist services. London Council plans to commission. - A much broader and more comprehensive network of specialist services providing therapeutic work to support children recovery from CSE.

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