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五年级上册 Unit2 A new student Period2 Let’s review 让我们来为课文配音吧!

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2 五年级上册 Unit2 A new student Period2

3 Let’s review 让我们来为课文配音吧!

4 ❤ Nancy's school Let’s review On the second floor, ________________________________. On the third floor, there are ________________________________. my classrooms is in it On the first floor, there is ________________________________. a music room and a table tennis room two computer rooms and a library one three two

5 Let’s talk 小组说一说,你的学校都有些 什么? There is a … on the … floor. There are some … on the floor.

6 Let's guess How many...s are there in your school? Is there a... in your school? Are there any... in your school? 想要了解我的学校吗? 你可以问我问题哦 ! 快来问一问吧!

7 My school This is my school. It‘s very big and clean. There are 32 classrooms, 3 computer rooms and 2 music rooms in it. The one I love most is the library. There are many books in it. And there are many magazines and newspapers. They’re on the third floor. There is a café( 咖啡馆 ), too. It's on the first floor. I love reading there. 自读短文,找出问题的 答案 !

8 Let's practice A: Is there a computer room in the school? B: Yes, there is.

9 A: Is there a table tennis room in the building? B: No, there isn’t.

10 A : Are there any songbooks in the bookcase? B: Yes, there are.

11 A: Are there any swings in the garden? B: No, there aren’t.

12 in the garden toilets How many toilets are there in the garden? There are six.

13 in the computer room computer How many computers are there in the computer room? There are twenty.

14 Fun time Ask and answer

15 This is Nancy ’ s classroom in her new school. How many desks and chairs are there in the classroom? Is there a computer? Are there any pictures? … … Work in pairs

16 Play a game: 看公园图片一分钟,然后男女生分组进行问答比 赛,用句型 “How many... are there in the park? Is/Are there... in the park?” 哪一组提问、回答 多,哪一组获胜! Good memory


18 Let's summarize 如果你想知道某个地方是否有什么,可以问: Is there a...? Are there any...? 回答: Yes, there is. / No, there isn't(is not). Yes, there are. / No, there aren't(are not). 如果你想知道具体数量,可以问: How many...s are there...? 回答: There is/are.... 在哪一层用: on the + 序数词 + floor 如: on the first floor

19 运用所学句型,仿照例子写写你理想 中的学校(可以写设施,教室,教学 楼等), 6-8 句。 Let's write

20 Homework 1.Review grammar time 2.Write down fun time and make a dialogue.

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