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Xxx.ppt - 1 May 1999 Oil and Gas Industry Task Force Away day Engagement and Communication How do we enrol the stakeholders? How are we going to make this.

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1 xxx.ppt - 1 May 1999 Oil and Gas Industry Task Force Away day Engagement and Communication How do we enrol the stakeholders? How are we going to make this live this time? Why have previous initiatives not reached their full potential? What kind of programme is needed to support the implementation of the Task Force outcomes?

2 xxx.ppt - 2 May 1999 Drivers for change Energy for action Current reality bad enough to push into action Vision to pull individuals to act Ongoing action to lead towards change

3 xxx.ppt - 3 May 1999 Vision Group Identified a working vision and the building blocks to achieve it REALITY CHECKED THE SUBSTANCE OF THE VISION Ditch bridging group looking at where we will be if there is no change Engagement group to look at the methods which could be used to implement the outputs

4 xxx.ppt - 4 May 1999 Working Vision 2010 New Businesses Development of skilled workforce R & D Pre-eminence Development of new market places Environmental compliance business Emissions trading Sustained UKCS WOS Proved major province Skilled motivated workforce Reduction of well costs Deepwater excellence HP/HT well excellence Industry collaboration Self sufficiency in gas Maximise production oil Strong Market point Appropriate fiscal regime Appropriate regulatory regulation Exports Supply chain management excellence Easy access FSU / EU Home of supers Strong home base Marketing of products Skills to Trade R & D strength Access to R & D funding NOVA Fund Remove implementation barriers Stakeholder dialogue Environmental Forum Agreed environmental principles Pilot emissions trading Flare consent swapping Best in class technology World class skills centre Reputation campaign Graduate attraction programme NVQ modification Fast track development approvals Slim line development plans Single training body New CMPT Team reviewing well methods and regulations Gas exploration focus Single identity body New attitude / treatment of training Royalty revised CGT changes Fixed licensing rounds Action to free up capital for prospective acreage Long term consents Son of CRINE Benchmarking Knowledge management Cost leadership Centre of technological excellence Mapping future training needs Marketing support Technology priority study Tax treatment of R & D Growth in jobs 150k working within sector Transferable skills Balance of payments position from exports City developed as trading centre producing £XX value Environmental standards and practice UKCS Environmental compliance business of £XX Culture for fast start up UKCS increase competitiveness Contribution to balance of payment of £XX Indirect Jobs sustained at 150k Direct Jobs sustained at 150k Gas supplies contribution to economy Investment contribution to economy £XX 3% of world oil production sustained Industry contribution to revenues sustained 7 to 10%of the world oil supplies market SMES in diverse market places SME mentoring Industry Government collaboration Develop trading expertise Vision Goals Strategy Actions UK plc Benefit

5 xxx.ppt - 5 May 1999 Fiscal Vision Process Vision for Industry Industry Leadership Government Individual Companies Employees (Comp) Field Turnover Expl. Turnover Environmental Trading others Engagement Process OGITF Vision Reputation other Skills & Training Sustainable Development Registration & Licensing Sub Group Visions Missing Elements Competitiveness Innovation & Technology OGITF - Ditch OGITF - Reality Check Building Blocks to achieve Vision Aspiration Common Goal Build energy for common goal Execution - Intellectual underpinning - Practical action towards common goal - Build energy for common goal (Fiscal) (R & L) Trade Unions UKOOA Supply chain improvement (SD) Overreaching thing body SIB Regulation Principles (ST) (INT) OCA Educational Establishments Industrys Vision Task Force Implementation

6 xxx.ppt - 6 May 1999 Process Objective - Gain the buy-in and relevant changes in behaviour of a large number of key stakeholders to allow the Task Force goals to be achieved. Identify the stakeholders Identify the drivers which will move stakeholders to action Identify the key messages Develop an engagement and communication plan

7 xxx.ppt - 7 May 1999 Model OGITF recommendations/implementation TellSellTestedConsultedCo-created To Stakeholders With stakeholders Key messagesoptional approacheshow best to needing stakeholder action implement General communication with all or some Interactive engagement with key stakeholders

8 xxx.ppt - 8 May 1999 Engagement Engagement is where stakeholders work together in real time to create new solutions and ways of implementation with energy and commitment to create a faster system change Supported by a communication programme Large group intervention is a proven approach used where large numbers of people need to coalesce around a common goal in often difficult and pressured circumstances.

9 xxx.ppt - 9 May 1999 Communication Where large populations or similar groups of people are given information, e.g. key messages, events. Process with or without an opportunity to give feedback, in order to enhance awareness, understanding and knowledge. An ongoing communication programme is necessary to support the engagement activity to achieve the desired goal.

10 xxx.ppt - 10 May 1999 Initial thoughts regarding an engagement and communication plan May 99 Development of events and support material eg vision pictorials etc May/June 99Announcements of early wins and communication with wider industry August 99Top 200 large intervention group event September 99Launch of OGITF outcomes October 99Regional events using top 200 membership x5 Nov/Dec 99Announcements of OGITF changes and further initiatives Feb 2000Conference and update Monthly newsletters, press briefings, data packs and web site updates

11 xxx.ppt - 11 May 1999 Actions Vision sub group to investigate experiences of other organisations and recommend a route forward Communication group to produce an engagement and communication plan for approval by the OGITF on 26th May.

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