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Understanding and Developing Audiences for Archives Helen Ball, Head of Engagement.

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1 Understanding and Developing Audiences for Archives Helen Ball, Head of Engagement

2 Objectives for today 1.To identify where new audiences can be reached; approaching by geography, by communities of interest and by subject or theme. 2.To share good practice in engaging audiences. 3.To demonstrate how you can understand your audiences and your impact on them, in the context of existing data or by creating your own systems. 4.To discuss, share and address audience related challenges. 5.To further develop audience development resources for people working in archives. m

3 1.Who you are 2. How long you have worked with archives 3. Why you are here today

4 Finding your audience

5 Finding your Audience Geography Subject or theme Community of interest

6 Recommendations 1.Focus on the benefits for those youre targeting Features – what it is and what it offers Benefits – whats in it for the user/audience A local history archiveA free fun way to find out more about your street and the area you live A potential opportunity to access information about your own family history (if you are born locally) A space where you can spend time learning from others

7 Recommendations, continued. 2.Make use of large public sets of data 3.Target where there is active behaviour 4.Ask key individuals for advice 5.Personalise messages and contact details 6.Have a user-friendly database 7.Be polite and reciprocal 8.Think laterally

8 Engaging New Audiences: What works? 1.Finding out and addressing specific barriers 2.Tailoring content 3.Collaborations 4.Using public and different spaces 5.Leading with ideas (rather than insider speak)

9 Motivations and Barriers

10 Social Informed Active Busy Characteristics

11 Its good to have young people, getting young peoples thoughts and help to organise this because usually its just other people doing it, but theyve actually given young people an opportunity to show their talents, show their ideas and thats what FUSE is all about so thank you. Sharn, 18, FUSE youth team

12 Use appropriate techniques Mailing Lists Social Networking Host Venue Mystery Shopping Volunteering Schemes Community Partnerships Ambassador Schemes Shadow Boards/Community Board Members

13 An engagement approach ProcessOutcomes 1. Desk researchDemographics, Priorities, Groups 2. NetworkingPeople, Activity, Culture 3. Face-to-face / reaching outPeople, Interests, History 4. Tailor activities / offerShort-term offer, Partnerships, Learning 5. Develop mechanisms for on-going dialogue Communication, Long term offer, two-way exchange

14 Useful resources audience-development.htm Culture Hive Arts Marketing Assocation & The Audience Agency Case studies, toolkits, research and articles.

15 Understanding Audiences What do you currently do, in terms of – 1.Accessing existing information? 2.Carrying out or commissioning your own research?

16 Sources of information Many - particularly, ONS Neighbourhood Statistics Taking Part Survey Area Profile Reports Geo-demographic profiling – Mosaic and Acorn Arts Audiences Insight Segmentation Networks and organisations, The National Archives, Public Services Quality Group (PSQG) Your own primary research

17 Questions to ask 1.What do you need to know and what would be nice to know? 2.How much time do you/your team have? 3.How much time are you asking your audience to give - is it proportionate to the experience you are giving them?

18 Examples


20 Changing perceptions Has this event changed your perception of this part of London ?

21 Accidental Audiences



24 2. Know your patch

25 The overall aim of the project was to create Tottenhams first community film showcase during the weekend of 28 th -30 th September 2012. This was to be achieved by creating a project that would give local people the knowledge and skills they needed to programme and run their own screening activity. Further aims of the project were to: Engage Haringey residents Attract audiences from outside the borough Provide skills to local groups to run their own film seasons or festivals in the future Screen locally sourced films Leave a lasting legacy

26 #Tip: Create headlines 1.A project that appealed inter-generationally, with audience members ranging from 7-75 years old. 2.A project that attracted approximately 250 people to watch film in the borough during one weekend. 3.A project that attracted new audiences to Tottenham to watch film; 71% (123 people) of the 170 people that filled in a feedback card told us they had not watched a film in the cinema or at a screening in the borough in the last 12 months.

27 #Tip: Plan your evaluation first


29 I have arthritis but I was dancing earlier so… I guess the arthritis went away! Usha Abraham, 64, visiting the UK from India and pictured far left

30 Audience Development activity which is undertaken specifically to meet the needs of existing and potential audiences and to help organisations to develop ongoing relationships with audiences.

31 Strategic It has a purpose and is part of an overall strategy. Evidence-based It is shaped by dialogue with audiences about what they want and need. About relationships Relationships are mutually beneficial and long-term rather than one-off and transactional. Sustainable It is based on the resources available and justified in terms of the return on investment that the activity/ies will generate.

32 Organisations need to know... 1.What is our Organisational vision/objectives? 2.What do we currently understand about our audiences? 3.Where are we now and where do we want to get to? 4.How will we get there? 5.How will we know if we have been successful?

33 Helpful step by step guidance Local Government Association Outcomes Framework









42 Thank you Stay in touch @helenrball @audienceagents


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