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17th February 2003Town Meeting 1 Science Committee Report … a new science strategy and programme for PPARC James Stirling (Chairman)Norman McCubbin Martin.

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1 17th February 2003Town Meeting 1 Science Committee Report … a new science strategy and programme for PPARC James Stirling (Chairman)Norman McCubbin Martin Ward (Deputy Chairman)Keith Mason John DaintonJohn Peacock Brian FosterSteve Rawlings Mike LockwoodJenny Thomas

2 17th February 2003Town Meeting 2 The financial situation The whole science programme has been under enormous financial pressure: we have tried to … maintain and exploit a current world-class research programme create headroom for new opportunities Balance core science with other parts of the PPARC programme, e.g. E&T … but now a generous SR settlement gives us the opportunity to revitalise the programme and embark on major new world-class projects

3 17th February 2003Town Meeting 3 SC response to SR2002 Science Committee has put out a call in April 2002 for Statements of Interest in major new projects (78 responses) received advice from the Advisory Panels on scientific priority of these, and technology implications examined the current programme in detail (SCP4, SCAMP) and restructured where necessary received bids from grants panels for increasing the grants lines commissioned a review of high-performance computing (Webber Panel) to report shortly

4 Science Committee (23/24 October) Science Committee (26/27 November) SoIs, SCP4, SCAMP, grants, bids from cut PP projects draft plan Council (29 January) Advisory Panels Grants Panels Town Meeting (17 February) Council input SR announcement Science Committee (13 January) strategy & new programme Science Committee (10 February)

5 17th February 2003Town Meeting 5 Guidance & challenges from Council T ake a more robust/radical view of value of investment in current vs. new Focus on a smaller set of projects which if fully funded would deliver greater impact Consider investing in more high-risk projects which might deliver higher scientific return Ensure sufficient investment in generic technologies so that UK can win leadership in future projects (ring-fenced technology funds?)

6 17th February 2003Town Meeting 6 SR2002 uplift Uplift (£M)04/05 - 05/06 resource15 capital10 infrastructure5.3 gravity and planets9 accelerator R&D*5.4 e-science31.6 MICE**7.4 * plus contribution from CCLRC £9M ** Large Scale Experimental Facility no new money in 03/04 Assumption is that SR2002 uplift will be absorbed into post 2006 baseline (cf. SR2000 e-science funds) general uplift targeted uplift

7 17th February 2003Town Meeting 7 SC has put together a new science programme, and an updated long-term strategy document on PPARC website Despite significant uplift, there will still be insufficient funds to support the range of high-priority, world-class activities that the community has proposed ( Annex 3), therefore very difficult choices Bids included (next 3 year period, non-targeted projects) A grants £4.5MUKDM £6.5MLHC GPDs £3M PPE grants £4MCMBR £1MTechnology £3M PPT grants £2MJWST £6MHPC £??M A new science programme = £30M + …

8 SC recommends:* Continuation of the current programme (construction & exploitation) Cost to completion increases for ATLAS and CMS at LHC Increased support for CDF and D0 at Tevatron Decreased support for Starlink Uplift of all grants lines A: £4.5M PPE: £2.0M (12 new posts + 5% indexation) PPT: £1.3M (12 new posts) A new blue skies technology development fund (£0.4M) Continuation of e-science programme, with move towards applications * NOTE: all costs are approximate, subject to confirmation, and refer to next three year period; everything subject to detailed peer review and Council approval where appropriate

9 New projects: NGST/JWST (6m James Webb Space Telescope) GAIA (detailed study of our galaxy) Eddington (planet finder and asteroseismology) Earthshine (solar variability effects on earth) BepiColombo (ESA mission to Mercury) Solar Orbiter (close-up study of Sun) STP facilities and rockets upgrades (near-Earth space) Aurora (ESA)/Bilaterals (non-ESA) space missions Solar System Modelling (coupled approach) new VLT/Gemini instruments (exploit ESO membership) Advanced LIGO, Smart2 LISA (gravity wave searches) UKDM (dark matter search at Boulby) CMBR (ground-based cosmic microwave bkgd studies) Accelerator R&D programme (towards linear collider and neutrino factory) MICE (muon ionisation cooling for neutrino factory) nEDM (new neutron electric dipole moment measurement)

10 17th February 2003Town Meeting 10 (£M)03/0404/0505/0606/0707/0808/0909/1010/11 PPRP line0.90.70.9 PA initiatives0.2 technology fund00.10.30.5 0.6 total1.1 New initiatives funding lines + grants lines, bilaterals line, ….

11 17th February 2003Town Meeting 11 Project criteria Scientific impact science quality timeliness and urgency distinctiveness future capability Cost-benefit gain/risk balance scale of investment opportunity cost


13 PPARC planned Science Programme 2003 - 2011

14 17th February 2003Town Meeting 14 Other issues & challenges Provision for high-performance computing (UKQCD, UKAFF, …) – bid for SR2004? Preparation for full-partner involvement in Linear Collider (where? when? how much?) Basic Technology Fund – must figure out how to improve success rate for PPARC Review of peer-review and advisory structure after two years of new system

15 The Linear Collider … into the heart of matter e.g. TESLA X-Ray laser Electron-positron collisions at ~1 TeV Reproducing the Big Bang in the lab Precision studies of the fundamental constituents of all matter: Higgs, supersymmetry, superstrings, extra dimensions, … X-Ray laser – a movie of the Micro World with the UK playing a leading role!

16 The Neutrino Factory The ultimate tool for studying neutrinos Birth of a new technique (muon collider) MICE@RALNuFact@RAL?

17 Mars and its surface structure Planetary Exploration, Origins of Life Formation of our Solar System and Formation of our Solar System Discover if life has evolved elsewhere in our Solar System Understand the forces that shaped the planets Understand the environments in which life can exist in space and on other planets –Mars –Jupiters moon Europa

18 17th February 2003Town Meeting 18 Adv LIGO LISA GRAVITATIONAL WAVE OBSERVATORIES Probing extreme environments via Gravity Waves detected from ground and space Test General Relativity, and black-hole theories Universe at 10 -14 sec - primordial gravitational waves Evidence for cosmic strings/textures. Link with particle physics Detection of gravity waves – a new window on the universe Formation and environment of massive Black Holes (100 M to 10 6 M ) 5 million km

19 JWST - UK PI on MIRI (one of the 3 instruments)

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