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Thinning of Ice By Ricky Childs and Kieran Ballinger.

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1 Thinning of Ice By Ricky Childs and Kieran Ballinger

2 Key Points Last Winter the average thickness of the ice decreased by 26cm over the whole Arctic. In West Arctic, thickness decreased by 49cm. Research suggests that the sea is receding by about 11.7% a decade.

3 Catlin Survey They captured around 16,000 observations, taking 1500 measurements of the thickness of the ice and snow as well as its density. Albedo Effect-theres less and less ice, so theres more water, which absorbs the heat from the sun, instead of reflecting it like the ice does.

4 The Oil - Consequences Because the oil needs to be transported to numerous countries, to be used as a fuel, a pipe line is needed to transport it there, the pipe needs to be heated, thus contributing to melting ice. The oil that is used for fuel, will emit Carbon Dioxide which is one of the main contributors to global warming. Microsoft Clip art

5 Positive implications The Guardian said: The Arctic's sea covering has shrunk so much that the Northwest Passage, the fabled sea route that connects Europe and Asia, has opened up for the first time since records began. environment/2007/sep/16/cli matechange environment/2007/sep/16/cli matechange

6 Migration Due to the Arctics natural resources, migration will occur, leading to major environmental concerns such as: Pollution -Noise -Water -Air -Light -Oil-gases -Heat (tarmac-black-absorbs heat, melts permafrost) Buildings Heating Transport- food, people, Waste Over-fishing

7 North Atlantic Drift Salinity of the oceans reduced by large input of fresh water as ice melts Impact on biodiversity of oceans Possible implications for ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream as highlighted in The Day after Tomorrow

8 Chilli Kebabs Due to migration, there was recently an arctic-le in the Telegraph regarding a kebab stand in the most northerly parts of the Earth, where the average temperature is -10°C.

9 Bibliography Microsoft Clip Art-Slides 4,5 and 7 – graph, slide 2 3 backgrounds, slide 6

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