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METS Awareness Training METS and Learning Objects.

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2 METS Awareness Training METS and Learning Objects

3 What are learning objects? a reusable unit of instruction for teaching, typically in e-learning. Wikipedia small electronic units of educational information that are flexible, reusable, customizable, interoperable, retrievable, facilitate competency- based learning, and increase the value of content Univ. of Wisconsin

4 Learning objects

5 IMS Content Packaging (IMS-CP) A specification for sending learning objects from one program to another, facilitating easier delivery, reuse and sharing of materials CETIS standards briefing Transmit content from one VLE to another Import content into a VLE from a resource network, repository or publisher Export content so that it can be reused by other departments or institutions Assemble or aggregate existing content into a single package for delivery Transfer content from an authoring tool to a VLE or repository



8 mets –metsHdr –dmdSec –amdSec –fileSec fileGrp –file –structMap div –structLink –behaviorSec manifest –metadata –organizations organization –metadata –item »metadata –resources resource –metadata –file METS/IMS-CP convergence

9 Content vs. Presentation – METS: tends to make strong distinction between content and presentation – IMS-CP: presentation is content – METS segregates presentation in optional, IMS-CP includes it in Nonetheless: – There are assigned places for content and presentation in each so they can be mapped to each other Some divergence in approach

10 Embed IMS-CP within METS Some possible approaches

11 METSheader dmdSec admSec behaviorSec structMap fileSec file inventory descriptive metadata administrative metadata behaviour metadata structural map manifest

12 Some possible approaches Store learning objects as IMS – generate METS files when needed Store learning objects as METS – generate IMS files when needed XSLT METS IMS-CP

13 Project website – METS Home page – Please fill in your evaluation forms! Thank you!

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