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Managing a Successful Upgrade Jonathan Field. Or The Ten Upgrade Commandments.

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1 Managing a Successful Upgrade Jonathan Field

2 Or The Ten Upgrade Commandments

3 Or Sermon on the Boat

4 Why are you upgrading? Software Fix New Functionality Support for old version is going

5 Unicorn Versions (98.x) 99.4 2000 2001 (2002) 2003 Fairly up to date! CurrentVery Current!BETA Tester Fantasy!!History!

6 Project Planning Part of an overall SIRSI project (e.g. migration, WebCat etc.) Customer Project –Key action points –Who is actioned?

7 Timing How frequently do you want to upgrade? –bi-annually –annually –never if I can help it! Convenience for all –are SIRSI available? –down-time

8 Responsibilities Who do you need? –SIRSI? –Library staff? –IT staff? –End-users? –Contractors?

9 Responsibilities Whos managing it? Whos organising backups (and restores)? Whos doing the upgrade? Whos roling out new software?

10 Responsibilities Whos copying the live to the test server? Whos training/being trained? Whos getting the documentation? Whos getting the software?

11 Documentation User Group letter (upgrade notification) Release Notes (for each version) FAQs Multimedia Tour/Seminars Known issues (you have got your password havent you?)







18 Training Pre-upgrade training Post-upgrade training Staff/end-user

19 Backups 5 things to check

20 Backups Whos doing the backup Whos doing the restore! Verified? Completed with services down?

21 The Upgrade Process Software Delivery Service SIRSI vs DIY NT Upgrades Custom reports/utilities



24 The Upgrade Process SIRSI vs DIY – –SIRSI need a consultant need to book a time – –DIY ensure someone will be around think about getting the software think about getting advice

25 The Upgrade Process NT Upgrades – –Read the instructions completely prior to the upgrade – –Do not upgrade OS to Windows 2000 – –Services (including InetPub in manual – –re-boot server – –Do NOT stop the upgrade – –5100 available in firewall? – –Do NOT upgrade if you have been having hardware problems – –Disable any Anti-Virus

26 The Upgrade Process Custom Reports/Utilities – –Test on test server first if possible – –Run it prior to the upgrade – –Let SIRSI know beforehand if it is critical to your operations

27 Post Upgrade Process Who do you contact? – –Upgrade Consultant? – –Helpdesk

28 Test Servers Why do you want one? – –Test custom work – –BETA test – –Training

29 Conclusion No upgrade is ever trouble- free (well - almost never!) Can range from:- Few Problems Disaster!

30 Questions?

31 Managing a Successful Upgrade Jonathan Field

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