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Face the Future Steve Maddock University of Sheffield.

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1 Face the Future Steve Maddock University of Sheffield

2 Beginnings… Pong, 72 Space Invaders, 78 Star Wars: A New Hope, 78 Tron, 82 The Art of Graphics for the IBM PC (& Sinclair QL), summer 84 BBC Micro: Elite, 84 Siggraph, 87 The Wall, 80 Help me Obi-Wan …

3 Alan Watts books McGregor and Watt, 84 McGregor and Watt, 86 Watt, 2000 Watt and Policarpo, 98 Watt and Watt, 92 Watt, 89Watt, 93 Watt and Policarpo, 01 Watt and Policarpo, 03 Watt and Policarpo, 05 ?

4 Graphics teaching at Sheffield Pasquariello, C. Pelachaud, Greta: A Simple Facial Animation Engine, 6th Online World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Appications, Septembre 2001 Java and OpenGL

5 Modelling and Animation Lee Cooper, 95-98, Physically-based modelling of human limbs Agata Opalach, 92-95, Implicit Surfaces for Modelling and Character Animation Visualisation, 90-93. Three PhDs: Fuller, De Geus, Hall

6 Games 1998, Jan-Jul: six month RAE- sponsored Industrial Sabbatical at Gremlin Interactive, Sheffield 1998-2002: 50 undergrad/masters dissertation projects with Infogrames

7 Modelling and animation Maddock, S.C. (1999), "An Investigation of the Modelling- Animation Relationship in Computer Graphics. Form follows function – relating functional aspects of a model to structure gives better control of complexity. More use of physics and behavioural models needed.

8 Computer facial animation Early days: Parke, 72 and 74; Two categories Geometric approaches Physics-based approaches Much still eludes us.

9 Some landmarks in CFA (Max Headroom, 1980s) Roger de Peltrie, 85 Waters, 87 Williams, 90 Toy Story, Pixar, 95 Virtual idol - Kyoto Date, 1996 Video rewrite, 97 (Forrest Gump) Virtual Newsreader – Ananova, 2000 Final Fantasy: the spirits within, 01 Gollum, 2004

10 Face work in the UK Computer Science/Vision Bath, Cambridge, Cardiff, UEA, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Kent, Leeds, Leeds Met, QMW, Sheffield, Surrey, Sussex, UCL Psychology Aberdeen, Cambridge, Central Lancashire, Glasgow, Hertfordshire, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Open, Sheffield, Southampton, St.Andrews, Stirling, UCL, York Forensics/Medical Cambridge, Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield, UCL Companies/Offices 3Q, Artem Digital, avatar-me, Biovirtual, BT, Digimask, Genemation, Image Metrics, Jim Hensons creature shop, Lexicle, Life studio, Richard Neave partnership, Televirtual, Vicon, Virtual Clones Ltd ~steve/face/

11 Sheffield graphics research work Visual Speech Realism in facial animation Discrete differential geometry Kinematics and biomechanics in adapting motion capture data for use in computer games Using VR for police training Facial modelling Procedural modelling Information hiding Audio-visual speech enhancement Dialogue, personality and virtual characters

12 CFA at Sheffield Edge and Maddock, 04, Using motion capture data to animate visual speech Edge et al, 04, Constraint-based Synthesis of Visual Speech

13 CFA at Sheffield Sanchez et al (submitted 04), Realistic Performance-driven Facial Animation using Hardware Acceleration

14 Near future? More photorealistic rendering of skin in games characters. Background actors in games and films. Game characters that can hold you in a simple conversation. Recorded messages on gravestones (, 04).

15 Distant future? Beautifiers – always look your best on a videophone. Synthespians – capture an actor: How to represent personality and behaviour? (Need a visual Turing test?) Bring back to life famous people using gramophone recordings of their voice (e.g. Churchill, Lincoln) and models of their facial behaviour. Acting/singing/competing with famous people games and entertainment. Virtual clones, who can take your place while you are alive and live on as you after death. Holographic beings…

16 References Edge, J.D. and S. Maddock (2001), "Expressive visual speech using geometric muscle functions", Proc. 19th Eurographics UK Chapter Annual Conference, (UCL, 3- 5 April, 2001), pp.11-18. Edge, J. and S. Maddock, (2003) Image-based Talking Heads using Radial Basis Functions, Proc. EGUK2003, University of Birmingham, UK, 3-5 June, 2003. Edge, J., M. Sanchez, S. Maddock (2004), Using motion capture data to animate visual speech, Symposium on Language, Speech and Gesture for Expressive Characters, March 30-31, 2004, part of the AISB 2004 Convention: Motion, Emotion and Cognition, University of Leeds, UK, March 29 - April 1, 2004 Edge, J. and S. Maddock (2004), Constraint-based Synthesis of Visual Speech, ACM SIGGRAPH'04 Technical Sketch. Sanchez, M. and S. Maddock, (2003) Planar bones for MPEG-4 facial animation, Proc. EGUK2003, University of Birmingham, UK, 3-5 June, 2003 Sanchez Lorenzo, M., J.D. Edge, S. King, and S. Maddock (2003), "Use and Re-use of Facial Motion Capture Data", Proc. Vision, Video and Graphics 2003, University of Bath, July 10-11, 2003, pp. 135-142 Sanchez, M., J. Edge, S. Maddock (2004), Realistic Performance-driven Facial Animation using Hardware Acceleration (submitted).

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