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Ch. 10.2 - Today’s Targets: Explain the impact of the Louisiana Purchase.

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3 Ch. 10.2 - Today’s Targets: Explain the impact of the Louisiana Purchase

4 French What four nations claimed parts of land West of the Mississippi?

5 In 1803, about what percent of the U.S. did Louisiana represent? 50 %

6 Who would be more in favor of gaining the land west of the Mississippi River – New England or the Southern states? Why? Southern states because they were more affected economically & geographically

7 Why would it be important to control the Mississippi River? * Ensure the safe transport of goods to market from the middle of the country

8 What benefits would the U.S. gain by acquiring Louisiana? more than doubled its size benefit trade Mississippi River provided a line of communication from North to South Other benefits?

9 1. Area between The Appalachian Mtns & Miss River 2. Area between the Miss River & Rocky Mtns 3. Area along the Pacific Coast 1000s of settlers from the east cross the mtns into the region – Kentucky, Tennessee, & Ohio become states The vast region was the object of negotiations between France & Spain Attracted settlers from Spain, Russia, Great Britain, & the United States Similarities: All the regions had been inhabited by Natives for 1000s of years. All contained vast resources & wildlife. Compare & Contrast The West in 1800 Read “The West in 1800” p. 345

10 A DEAL TOO GOOD TO PASS UP Napoleon’s offer to sell Louisiana Why? alarmed by American determination to keep the Port of New Orleans open abandoned plans for a French colony in America America’s money needed to fight war in Europe Total cost =$15 million Cost per acre?about 2.9 cents!!

11 Lewis and Clark & Pike’s Expedition Routes Lewis & Clark clip Route animated

12 Lewis and Clark Expeditions Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803 - 1806 Effects: Accurate maps Scientific & geographic information growing interest in the west

13 CauseEffect The Louisiana Purchase 1. 3. 2. The Louisiana Purchase 1802, Spain closes N.O. to U.S. shipping. France acquires Louisiana. American who use the Mississippi River want U.S. to declare war on Spain & France To avoid war, Jefferson offers to buy New Orleans from France Napoleon offers to sell all of Louisiana Territory  Fears American determination  give up plan to colonize N.A.  needs money to fight wars Jefferson is thrilled with the offer  negotiates purchase for $15million (~3 cents/acre)  Congress must approve  U.S. doubles in size

14 CauseEffect Exploring Louisiana 1. 3. 2. Exploring Louisiana Territory Lewis & Clark set out in summer, 1803, reach Pacific Coast in Nov. 1805, return to St. Louis in 1806. Gather information and make maps. Reports increase interests in the West Exploring the South  Zebulon Pike searches for sources of Arkansas & Red Rivers  arrested by Spanish Brings back valuable information on American SW  Spanish a threat  some misinformation  Great Plains described as a “treeless desert, useless for farming” Jefferson planned exploration since 1802: o gather information o search for a NW Passage to China

15 Introduce Lewis & Clark Webquest activity: Ipads Smart Phone device Bring earphones

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