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A Beginner's Guide to OpenSocial All my own work by Tom Natt.

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1 A Beginner's Guide to OpenSocial All my own work by Tom Natt

2 What problem does it try to solve? Writing applications specifically for a single API How about a demo?

3 Much like this...

4 Why? Developers Can reuse apps on new social networks Reduce code maintenance Increased potential audience for application Site Owners New site immediately gains many applications Pre-existing broad developer base

5 I'm a developer - how do I get involved? Use the API REST protocol RPC protocol Javascript API Method Summary String getDisplayName()getDisplayName String getField(key, opt_params)getField String getId()getId Boolean isOwner()isOwner Boolean isViewer()isViewer Authenticate with OAuth ask Phil! Get Information! Including: ABOUT_ME, ADDRESSES, CARS, FASHION and many more

6 I'm a server and I want to play too Be a Container Adding and removing friends Adding and removing apps Storing activities Retrieving activity streams for self and friends Storing and retrieving per-app and per-app-per- user data SO Put your socialness out there for others to use Shingdig (apache)

7 What DOESN'T it do? aka "The SpecialTom slide" OpenSocial by itself does not solve the problem of migrating your social network from place to place Photo by mcmrbt

8 Who does it?


10 OpenSocial (left) Vs Facebook Cash picture by noahwesley

11 Viable option to developing for Facebook MySpace brings a massive body of users, considered to even the odds somewhat in the battle Huh?

12 So what can we do? If our group work evolved to become a social network we could become a container An application such as Flat Out could have been developed using OpenSocial It gives us the potential to use existing social networks for our applications And many more (probably)

13 Questions? If you must...

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