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Unit 5 Grade 8 (II) If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time. By & Miss Sun April 5, 2005.

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1 Unit 5 Grade 8 (II) If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time. By & Miss Sun April 5, 2005

2 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.

3 dining room

4 mobile

5 window

6 Talking about consequences Part One 一.Do like this: I think I am going to get up late tomorrow. If you do,you’l l miss breakfast. 1. I think I’m going to go to the rock concert. 2. I think I’m going to walk to school. 3. I think I’m going to leave school before I graduate. 4. I think I’m going to wear my old clothes to the dance. 5. I think I’l l have a big party at my home. 6. I think I’l l visit my aunt and uncle.

7 二.What’s the result if I do so ? 1. If I get up late tomorrow, _____________________________________________ 2. If I don’t finish my homework, ______________________________________________ 3. If I eat too much lunch, _______________________________________________ 4. If I don’t get enough exercise, ________________________________________________ 5. If I am a good cook, ______________________________ 6. If I watch too much TV, __________________________ 7. If I don’t help others,____________________________ I will be late for school. the teacher will be angry. I will be fatter and fatter. I will be unhealthy. I will cook much delicious food. I will have no time to study. people won’t like me.

8 Pairwork 1. If I am hungry, ___________ 2. If it’s fine tomorrow, ________ 3. If I’m free next Sunday, ______ 4. If I don’t study hard, _________ 5. If I go to school on foot, ________

9 三.Fill in the blanks: If I don’t finish my homework well, If I’m a teacher, If it’s too cold, If I don’t learn English well, If I can’t find a good job, If my parents don’t cook for me, If I take part in the Olympic Games in 2008, If we don’t care for wild animals, If we make the earth dirty, the teacher will ask me to do it again. I will work with my students happily. I will stay at home. I will get over it. I will be unhappy forever. I will cook it by myself. I will go to Beijing. we will lose them. there will be more and more pollution.

10 Complete the sentences: 1.If you _________________, the teacher will take your mobile phone away. 2. If you ______________________, you’l l have no time to study well. 3.If you wear ________ to school, the teacher won’t let you in. 4.If you don’t __________________, your parents will be upset. 5.If you are ________________, you won’t be able to go to college. 6.If it _____________tomorrow,we’l l stay at home.

11 What will you do if you go to…? If I go to that one, I’l l … We can help… Old people’s home visit School clean-up Children’s hospital visit Earth Mother’s care Wild Animal’s care Poor children’s help

12 Part Two:Rules Our Class Rules 1.Don’t wear your own clothes to school. If you do, we won’t let you in. 2.Don’t bring snacks or drinks to class.If you do, the teachers will call your parents to school. 3.Don’t bring your mobile phones to school. If you do,the teachers will take them away. 4.Don’t talk in class. If you do, you’l l have to stay in the classroom after school. 5.Please clean the classroom every day.If you don’t, you will be laughed at. 6.Please work hard! If you don’t do this, you won’t pass the exams. 7.Please don’t be late.If you are late, you’l l have to ask your parents to come to school. ----Please love your class and your teachers!

13 Rules for a party: End of Year Party I want you to remember the rules for school parties. Don’t wear jeans!If you ____________,we won’t____________. Don’t bring food to the party.If you do,_____________ Don’t bring friends from other schools.If you do,________________________________. Don’t leave the gym during the party.If you do,_________________________________ Don’t run or shout at the party. If you do, ____________________________________ Please bring your ID card.If you don’t have ID card,_______________________________.

14 请写一则 “ 注意事项 ” ,包括以下几点: 为了乘车安全,请同学们注意做到: 1. 必须提前 5 分钟到达车站。 2. 等车时不准在路上玩耍。 3. 务必等车停下来才能上车。 4. 上下车时不准开玩笑。 5. 上车后不要把头、手伸出窗外。 6. 下车后必须走人行道。 注解:人行道: sidewalk

15 Part Three:Talking about the future A letter Dear Mr.Brown, I have decided that I will join the Lions. If I join the team, I will work very hard. I will practice soccer every day.I know I will lose some time to relax myself, but I don’t mind. I want to be famous when I grow up. I am sure I can succeed. Sincerely Michael

16 A letter Dear Mr.Brown, I have decided that I won’t join the Lions.If I join the team,I will be very tired every day.I will have no time to relax.I think I am only a child, I must have some time to play.What’s more, I want to go to college.So I must work hard at my lessons. In short, I don’t want to join the team,I’m sorry. Sincerely Michael

17 Now, it’s time for me to relax! Thank you and Goodbye!

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