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After the French and Indian War.

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1 After the French and Indian War

2 North America after the
Treaty of Paris of 1763 Treaty of Paris of 1763: Because France had lost the war, they were forced to give up all land claims in North America. Spain was given control of all land west of the Mississippi River. Britain was given control of all land east of the The treaty did not address the Indians, however, so they continued to attack colonial outposts on the west.

3 Makes the Colonist angry at King George III!
The Proclamation of 1763 In your Frame of Reference Who is the friction between because of the Proclamation Line of 1763? Why does it make the colonist angry? The Indians agree to stop attacking the colonies. The Indians continue to attack the colonies. The colonists will remain on the coast where the king can use the navy to keep them under control. Parliament passes the Proclamation of 1763 The king is concerned that as colonists move inland, he will have less control over their actions. Makes the Colonist angry at King George III! Put in your frame of Reference: The king believes the colonists will be happy about the Proclamation, because it will stop the attacks from the Indians.

4 Proclamation of 1763 The first problem occurred in spring of 1763
Colonists: Great numbers of colonists settled in Ohio Valley, west of Appalachian Mountains Native American reaction: An Ottawa chief, Pontiac, knew that more American Indian land might get lost to British settlers Chief Pontiac organized several American Indian nations and successfully attacked colonial forts

5 Colonists reaction - Colonists were opposed to the new law
They had fought in French and Indian War and now the law was saying that no one could go west Many colonists felt that the king didn’t care about protecting them from American Indians Felt its real purpose was to prevent them from developing the new land

6 Proclamation of 1763 1. This act ordered:
To avoid more trouble with American Indians King George III signed Proclamation of 1763 1. This act ordered: - All settlers to leave Ohio Valley and return to established colonies - Did not allow any more people to make new settlements west of Appalachians - It said that no traders could enter area without approval of king

7 Map of Proclamation

8 Proclamation Line 1763 Ticket out the Door
1. After what French and Indian War, why was the Proclamation Line of 1763 put into place in the 13 colonies? 2. What is the Proclamation line of 1763 3. What is the name of the King of England at the time the Proclamation Line was put into place? 4. The Proclamation Line of 1763 caused friction between who? 5. Why does the King feel the need to make the proclamation line of 1763? 6. Why are the colonist mad that they can’t cross the Appalachian Mountains? 7. How did American colonist see the troops that were left in the 13 colonies after the French and Indian War?

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