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Driving Innovation Technology Strategy Board Supporting innovation for the UK 25 May 2011 Peter Dirken.

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1 Driving Innovation Technology Strategy Board Supporting innovation for the UK 25 May 2011 Peter Dirken

2 Driving Innovation Contents Who we are & what we do How we do it – delivery mechanisms Relationships with Research Councils & Universities Forthcoming competitions Applications hints & tips Some case studies

3 Driving Innovation What is the Technology Strategy Board? We are a national body set up to invest in business innovation We come from business (and the public sector) We work across business, universities and government –Connect We invest in projects to stimulate innovation –Catalyse

4 Driving Innovation What have we done so far? £2bn investment in UK innovation Challenge-driven innovation Partnerships Supported universities SBRI Technology demonstrators _connect

5 Driving Innovation Investment criteria Can the UK do it? Is there a large market opportunity? Is the idea ready? Can the Technology Strategy Board make a difference?

6 Driving Innovation TSB planned portfolio for SR 2011-15

7 Driving Innovation Challenge-led Areas We aim to understand the needs of the markets and support the most innovative and competitive responses –Energy generation and supply –Built environment –Food supply –Transport –Healthcare

8 Driving Innovation Challenge-led - Innovation Platforms We work with Government as they address societal challenges to give business the future market definition they need to be competitive –Low Impact Buildings –Sustainable Agri-Food –Low Carbon Vehicles –Assisted Living –Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents –Stratified medicine

9 Driving Innovation Competencies High Value Manufacturing Digital services Space Sustainability

10 Driving Innovation Technology Inspired Innovation We build capability in the underpinning areas that enable a sure and effective response to market needs –Advanced materials –Biosciences –Electronics, photonics and electrical systems –Information and communication technologies

11 Driving Innovation Delivery mechanisms

12 Driving Innovation Delivery mechanisms Research, development & demonstration –Single company grants for R&D –Feasibility studies and Collaborative R&D –Demonstrators Technology & Innovation Centres European & International activities SBRI KTP KTN Missions

13 Driving Innovation Technology and innovation centres Establish a network of technology & innovation centres To accelerate the exploitation of new technologies through the provision of infrastructure that bridges the gap between research and industry. £200m over the next four years Ramping up to £80m pa 6 to 8 Centres across the UK 1/3 1/3 1/3 Funding Model £5m to £10m Core funding per centre Prospectus Launched 6 th January 2011

14 Driving Innovation What is a technology & innovation centre Access to world-leading technology & expertise Reach into the knowledge base for world-class science Capability to undertake collaborative R&D projects with business Capability to undertake contract research for business Strongly business focused with a professional delivery ethos Create a critical mass of activity Skills development at all levels

15 Driving Innovation University TIC / Institute Industry (Large & SMEs) 123456789 Universities TIC / Institutes Industry Research Centre Research excellence Research CentresTechnology & Innovation Centres RTOs etcIndustrial R&D Centres Industry CommitmentUK Priorities RCUK to identify RCUK, charity & other centres and institutes (IMRCs IKCs EITs etc) RDA/DA centres, etc. - Existing - Proposed - Potential Other organisations in the area. Major R&D centres & incubators -Opportunities for UK - Willingness to co-invest - Low Carbon -Digital Economy - Energy - Health/Medicine Map the landscape from Research through to Challenge Areas for each key technology & application areas: UK Landscape & Context TRL:

16 Driving Innovation The first phase of Centres High Value Manufacturing decision A broad cross sector approach to HVM AMRC, AFRC, CPI, MTC, NAMRC, NCC, WMG Up and running October 2011 Cell Therapy Centre EOI docs in May (tbc) Up and running April 2012 Other Areas Strategy & Implementation Plan in May Phased decisions and Implementation

17 Driving Innovation Knowledge Transfer Networks National networks in specific technology or application area Aim: stimulate innovation through knowledge sharing Businesses value the KTNs for: –Access to relevant information on technologies and markets –Info on funding opportunities –New academic and business relationships –Access to skilled people –Influence on public sector policy

18 Driving Innovation Knowledge Transfer Networks Materials Biosciences Electronics, Photonics, Electrical Systems ICT Chemistry Industrial Mathematics Nanotechnology HealthTech & Medicines Creative Industries Aerospace & Defence Transportation Environmental Sustainability Modern Built Environment Financial services Energy Generation & Supply ~30,000 members (75% industry, 15% academic)

19 Driving Innovation 19 _connect : UKs prime innovation virtual network – find latest information, partnering and networking opportunities 30,000 registered members in first year.

20 Driving Innovation Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Associate Transfers Knowledge Academic has knowledge Academic has knowledge Business needs knowledge Continue to be broad scope 6 months to 3 years duration Knowledge base include HE and FE institutions, RTOs, and public sector research institutions Associates can be recently qualified graduates, post-docs or individuals recently qualified to at least NVQ Level 4 or equivalent Focusing on benefit to SMEs

21 Driving Innovation Relationships with Research Councils and Universities

22 Driving Innovation TSB & Research Councils Working together to transform research into innovation Collaborative working in many different forms: –Joint funding –Aligned activities –Strategic Developing new strategic priorities Tackling todays challenges

23 Driving Innovation RCs and TSB – some comparisons Research CouncilsTechnology Strategy Board Overall aimsExcellence with impactInnovation - Exploitation of ideas FocusWorld leading research, next generation researchers and scientific infrastructure Business benefit, wealth creation Origin of proposals Academic-ledBusiness-led EligibilityAcademiaIndustry and academia Grant80% fECContribution towards project costs (75%, 50%, 25%) AssessmentPeer review (academic bias)Peer review (industry bias) Funding opportunities Responsive mode and strategic programmes Targeted competitions in strategic priorities

24 Driving Innovation Our joint achievements 100 Collaborative R&D projects 250 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Two Innovation and Knowledge Centres UK Innovation Research Centre and connected research projects

25 Driving Innovation Engagement with UK HEIs Collaborative R&D competitions > 80 HEIs involved in projects; > 980 partnerships with HEIs c. 30% of investment to HEIs Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Involve >400 departments across 122 UK HEIs and FE Colleges Knowledge Transfer Networks c. 15% membership from academic organisations

26 Driving Innovation Future competitions

27 Driving Innovation Competition titlePriority areaOpens Regenerative Medicine – Tools & Technologies CR&D HealthcareMarch 2011 Battery reuse & recycling feasibility studiesLow Carbon VehiclesMarch 2011 Sustainable Protein Production CR&DSustainable Agri-FoodApril 2011 Food & Drink Innovation CR&D and Feasibility Studies BiosciencesMay 2011 Design for Future Climate: Adapting Buildings CR&D Low Impact BuildingsMay 2011 Materials for Energy – Prototype DemonstratorEnergy Generation & Supply June 2011 Resource Efficiency & Supply Chain Innovation CR&D SustainabilityJune 2011 ICT for Manufacturing & Innovation CR&DICTJune 2011 Building Performance Evaluation – Domestic/Non-Domestic Low Impact BuildingsJune 2011 See for

28 Driving Innovation Making an application - hints and tips

29 Driving Innovation Apply via our website:

30 Driving Innovation The Ideal Project A clear commercial opportunity to open up or exploit a significant growth market. A technical challenge that requires the creation of an industrially driven consortium and innovative and risky research and development to solve. A realistic project with deliverables and applications that are innovative, commercially exploitable and of wider benefit. A demonstrable need for support.

31 Driving Innovation Applicants Journey – 2-stage larger R&D projects Highly competitive - only the best quality proposals will be successful Typically projects last up to 5 years Grant Offer Letter, Collaboration Agreement, & New Projects Workshop Applicants informed & feedback clinics for successful applicants Competition closes Optional Briefing & Draft EOI Submission Applicants Informed Expression of Interest deadline Compulsory Applicants Briefing Competition open Launch Activities Expression of Interest Review Period Full Stage Application Assessment Project initiation 19 weeks

32 Driving Innovation Applicants Journey – single stage Feasibility Studies and Fast Track competitions fall within this group Highly competitive - only the best quality proposals will be successful Single stage are shorter life projects typically 6 – 18 months Grant Offer Letter, Collaboration Agreement (monitoring) Applicants informed Competition closes Optional Applicant Briefing Event Expression of Interest deadline Competition open Launch Activities Expression of Interest Review Period Project initiation 7-9 weeks

33 Driving Innovation Fully utilise the Competition Document it clearly outlines the challenge, the scope and the outlines the and key criteria. Study and fully utilise the Guidance for Applicants you will not be able to proceed through the competitions without it to assist you in the application process. Attend the Optional Applicant Briefing, that is where the main bulk of information is provided on a personable basis. Remember to register your attendance first ( Use our KTNs and _Connect platform to find industrial partners!

34 Driving Innovation Demonstrate that you understand your ultimate Market – quantify your projections, stipulate your target market. If you dont know your market, you dont have the right people in your project! Must be able to demonstrate a credible route to market. Be specific, be accurate, be concise, be factual, be innovative – this is a competition not everyone will be funded! Be familiar with all the deadline dates, they are unmovable and tend to close at 12noon, unless otherwise stated.

35 Driving Innovation 01793 442751 07824 599699 Connect : http://www.innovateuk.org

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