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1 Healthcare Technologies at EPSRC ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL Hannah Maytum 12/05/11

2 Contents Delivery Plan including outcomes from SR What is Healthcare Technologies? Brief Overview of Healthcare Portfolio Plans for 2011/2012 The Future

3 Delivery and Implementation Plans

4 Delivery Plan for 2011 - 2015 Our Delivery Plan was published on the Web in December 2010 It sets out our high level plans for the next spending review period, 2011 – 2015 It follows on from the Strategic Plan which was published in spring 2010

5 How we see the future Our strategy has 3 clear goals Delivering impact Shaping capability Developing leaders

6 Our Three Strategic Plan Goals 1. Delivering Impact Embedding impact throughout our portfolio by creating an environment in which it arises naturally, in whatever form, from the knowledge base. This means: researchers will be asked to consider Impact when they apply for funding and you will be able to ask for resources in order to achieve this Impact.

7 Our Three Strategic Plan Goals 2. Shaping Capability Ensuring we have the right people, with the right resource, in the right places to deliver the highest quality long-term research in areas where the UK leads internationally and where there is current or future national need. This means: we will be making informed judgements about where our funding should go and so some areas will receive more funding and some will receive less.

8 Our Three Strategic Plan Goals 3. Developing Leaders Nurturing the visionary leaders who set research agendas and inspirational team leaders who act as role models. This means: working closely with the community to support and promote leadership role models who can inspire and integrate efforts of their peers to achieve greater impact from our investment.

9 Information about funder to sponsor changes We are changing our approach to our relationship with our grant holders. We intend to: Provide direction to researchers from strategic advice Obtain regular feedback from sponsored researchers and use it to inform future funding Secure commitment and engagement from our researchers to achieve our goals Behave as an advocate for engineering and physical sciences. This change in working is not completely new – we already have this relationship with a lot of our larger investments.

10 ResourceCapitalAdmin Flat cash & ring fenced Overall reduction ~ 50% Overall reduction ~ 34 % with inflation Yr 1 fixed, Yrs 2 – 4 indicative Total S & R £18.3bn HEFCE £6.7bn RCs £10.4bn Total S & R £1.9bn RCs £800m EPSRC £3bn (by end of CSR 3% cash reduction, 12% reduction with inflation) EPSRC £116m (excludes HPC funding from the large facilities capital fund) EPSRC £62m (Near Cash) Spending Review Allocation (2011/12 – 2014/15)

11 ResourceBaselineAllocation by mechanism by financial year 2010/11 £M 2011/12 £M 2012/13 £M 2013/14 £M 2014/15 £M Near Cash Programme Resource Manufacturing the Future 7478798283 Energy104109 112 Digital Economy2426 27 Healthcare Technologies 7476 Other themes (LWEC, GU) 1817 National capability458427412406400 ETI815171921 Programme operations 12 Net Near Cash Programme Resource Expenditure 771760748 Programme Depreciation1011 87 Programme Resource Expenditure781771759756755 Programme Capital Expenditure49463525 Total Programme Expenditure830817794781780 Planned Expenditure by Theme Protected: Manufacturing the Future; Energy, DE, Healthcare. Already committed to ETI programme.

12 Changes to look out for: Equipment sharing Capital funding for equipment Stage-gating of funding Review of Centres for Doctoral Training Statement of expectation for Postgraduate Training Wakeham efficiencies - RCUK briefing for universities (PVC Research and Finance Directors) was on 18th March

13 What is Healthcare Technologies?

14 Healthcare Technologies describes everything that EPSRC funds which is Healthcare relevant. This does not just mean widgets and gadgets! Healthcare Technologies is all about the capabilities which advance tools, techniques and technologies relevant to health It covers everything from medical engineering, drug delivery, modelling, ICT for health etc and is very much an outcome focussed view of the portfolio. We are aiming to describe our portfolio in a way that makes sense to the community and other funders alike. By describing our portfolio effectively, we will be able to make informed decisions about where future funding will be targeted.

15 EPSRC Unique Position in Healthcare: Sponsoring basic research capabilities that create new techniques and technologies which can: Advance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of health conditions, for example through new imaging technology and drug delivery techniques Enable greater biomedical understanding and pull- through to therapy. Examples include modelling techniques and scale-up technologies Have the potential to transform future health delivery systems, such as information-driven healthcare. Underpins Healthcare Sector (e.g. Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology industries & the NHS) – important for economic growth and social wellbeing in the UK

16 Research Councils and Technology Strategy Board 1 4 7 9532 68 From Bench to Bedside and Back Again Needs identification & knowledge creation Solution development Validating concept Investment validation Clearance and trials Launch and evaluation Technology Readiness Levels EPSRC TSB

17 Healthcare Technologies going forward… Remit: Healthcare technologies – capability, tools, techniques Basic / transformative research that is high quality and world leading Drivers: Focus to build critical mass around UK strengths Maximise industrial and user involvement / relevance (partnership) So its about: changing how we work – moving to more of a sponsor approach Shaping our portfolio to maximise benefit / impact Its not about: Large new funding for healthcare Changing our remit – we are not moving to funding more applied research, still basic

18 Brief Overview of Healthcare Portfolio

19 Assistive Techs Regen Med Medicines Design & Techs for Public Health Techniques for Biomedical Understanding Diagnostics Therapeutics Digital Health Techs Healthcare Technology Areas

20 Regenerative Medicine as an Example Regen Med Assistive Techs Medicines Design & Techs for Public Health Techniques for Biomedical Understanding Diagnostics Therapeutics Digital Health Techs Non-linear Systems Polymer Materials Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Analytical Science Process Systems, Components & Integration Mathematics Physical Sciences Engineering

21 Healthcare Technology Area Definitions ASSISTIVE TECHS Technologies that employ the use of services/devices to help those with disabilities and age related conditions DESIGN & TECHS for PUBLIC HEALTH Involves the design of the built environment and technologies to improve health and prevent injury/disease DIAGNOSTICS Design and development of devices, instrumentation and technologies for analysis and diagnosis of conditions and diseases 5% 14% 29%

22 Healthcare Technology Area Definitions DIGITAL HEALTH TECHS MEDICINES Collection, processing and management of health information The underpinning chemistry, novel drug delivery and manufacturing of medicines 8.5% 14%

23 Healthcare Technology Area Definitions REGEN MED TECHNIQUES for BIOMEDICAL UNDERSTANDING THERAPEUTICS Study and development of artificial organs, specially grown tissues and cell (including stem cells), laboratory made compounds, and combinations of these approaches for treating injuries/disease Modelling, characterising and sensing to understand areas of biomedical interest, Includes materials understanding, modelling of things such as blood flow, understanding chemistry and biology behind sensors Design and development of devices, instrumentation and technologies for the treatment of conditions and diseases 11% 11.5% 7%

24 Percentage of Healthcare Technology Areas

25 Funding of Healthcare Technology Areas

26 Plans for 2011/2012 and The Future

27 Funding Opportunities in 2011/12 TSB led Regenerative Medicine Tools and Techniques Competition – we are co-funding but the call is now closed, grants announced around September 2011 Joint EPSRC/TSB Grand Challenge on Nano- enabled diagnostics and therapies in Autumn 2011 (led by TSB, project must be business led) Partner in the National Prevention Research Initiative Phase 4 call led by MRC, this call is currently open

28 Funding Opportunities in 2011/12 MRC led e-Health call planned for Summer 2011 to fund 5 e-Health Informatics Research Centres, we are a funding partner for this Standard EPSRC research base funding is still available Fellowships are changing – new strategy to be launched in Summer 2011 (current call for start in October 2011 is unaffected)

29 Call Updates From EPSRC

30 Future Activities Review of Centres for Doctoral Training (happening at the moment) Consultation with key stakeholders in Healthcare in late 2011 Joint scoping of the medical imaging portfolio with MRC

31 Future Activities Continuing partnering in Lifelong Health and Wellbeing, led by MRC, including scoping 4 themes : 1. Achieving good cognitive function and mental wellbeing in later life 2. Promoting physical health in older age 3. Enhancing mobility and independence in an ageing population 4. Extending healthy working lives EPSRC will be looking at data relating to area 3 in the near future.

32 The Healthcare Technologies Team at EPSRC Dr Rachel Bishop Head of Healthcare Technologies Dr Claire Wagstaffe Senior Portfolio Manager Dr Nicola Goldberg Portfolio Manager Ms Linda Sayers Portfolio Manager Dr Hannah Maytum Portfolio Manager Mr Eric Dougherty Admin Support for Healthcare Technologies Miss Elaine Meskhi Year in Industry Student Emails addresses are

33 Hannah Maytum

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