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CS 110: Introduction to Computer Science Frequently asked questions about a CS major and CS career.

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1 CS 110: Introduction to Computer Science Frequently asked questions about a CS major and CS career

2 Is CS a hard subject? CS is challenging for everyone Some students may say that CS is easy for them, but they may not be telling the whole truth—they may want to make themselves look smart Lack of experience is not the same as lack of ability You are able to succeed in CS; we’ll provide needed experience Help is available if you want it

3 How do I get help? You will always get help but you have to tell us you need it Tutoring Chief Departmental Advisor Mentoring from professors and classmates Organize study groups to provide mutual support Join CS clubs

4 Are CS students competitive with one another? Some students prefer to compete with and one-up others Most students benefit from working with others; helping others is a powerful way to learn Learning to work well with others will help you to be more successful while a student and after you graduate Pair programming in the labs will help you to work well with others

5 Are professors international? Some professors and graduate teaching assistants are international Some may have accents and some may speak English better than others You will have an opportunity to learn how to work with people from different cultures which will be good preparation for the CS workplace which has great cultural diversity Ask for help and clarification if you need it

6 Are professors friendly? Most professors are friendly and caring All professors want their students to do well but they may use different means to achieve this Some professors are unaware of their impact on students Some professors wait for students to approach them to ask for help This is good preparation for the work world where you have to work with many different types of bosses

7 Is CS work performed alone or with others? While some work may be performed alone, most of the time work must be coordinated with others Most CS work is done as part of a team, especially as you advance in your career Working well with others (good teamwork) is one of the best predictors of career success and advancement

8 Does CS work require long hours? This varies by type of job and type of company you work for Many companies provide flexible scheduling to allow employees to balance work and family needs

9 Is CS work all programming? Programming is most common only during the first few years after graduation As you gain experience, more time is spent working with others to design and implement systems to solve problems and help organizations to become more effective

10 Quote from Someone who has been there "It's so not programming," Ms. Burge said. "If I had to sit down and code all day, I never would have continued. This is not traditional computer science.“ Jamika Burge - Phd student Va Tech

11 Job Functions of CS Grads

12 Will it be hard to find a job after graduation? The average time to find a job in CS nationally is 3 months The average unemployment rate nationally is 2.9 percent 100% of graduates from ODU found jobs after graduation If you graduate from our program you will find a good paying job that provides the possibility of professional growth and career advancement

13 10 Fastest Growing Occupations for College Graduates Network systems and data communications analysts Physician assistants Computer software engineers, applications Physical therapist assistants Dental hygienists Computer software engineers, systems software Network and computer systems administrators Database administrators Physical therapists Forensic science technicians

14 Some Statistics Types of Employers

15 Employers of CS Grads

16 How much do CS jobs pay? CS is one of the highest paying jobs in the country Starting salaries with a BS in CS in 2004- 2005 were $50,000 Typical starting salaries for our students who graduated last year above that average

17 Will I lose my job to someone in another country? In recent years, many lower level programming jobs have been lost to countries such as India and China, but companies are beginning to question this practice CS jobs with more creative content (less programming) and that involve working with others are less likely to be lost

18 Quote – Career Recruitment Media The job market for computer science graduates moves so quickly that by the time anything is said about it, something new pops up to change the dynamics of the industry. However, two words will remain standard for some time to come—booming & profitable.

19 Future The job market for computer science graduates might be red- hot today, but employers aren't hiring warm bodies. They still demand skills and a commitment to ongoing career development. Communication skills are vital. Corporate recruiters say don't talk to us if you can't communicate with our customers or management. Keep up to date. Continuing education is vital. Your competition will get stiffer. Be prepared to respond quickly to changing market conditions - - learn new skills. Get the big picture of the computing industry, not just your particular focus. Have your competence in the field be certified. Remember the athlete's motto: "Somewhere out there he is training, and I am not; and when we meet, he will win."

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