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Reversing the telescope:

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1 Reversing the telescope:
Evaluating NGO Peer-Regulation Initiatives Dr Angela Crack University of Portsmouth

2 Research Design To what extent have peer-regulation initiatives been effective in enhancing the accountability of leading humanitarian and development INGOs? Sample: Senior staff members from leading humanitarian and development INGOs, with responsibility for the accountability policies of their organisation.

3 Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP)
Name of Initiative Type Focus Number of Members Compliance Measures Sphere Project: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response Code of Conduct/ Ethics Humanitarian relief (water supply and sanitation, nutrition, food aid, shelter and health services) Thousands of individuals from over 400 organisations representing 80 countries have taken part in various aspects of the Sphere Project. Commitment only Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management Certification scheme 56 member agencies from more than 20 countries Recertification required every 3 years subject to a compliance verification audit and mid-term monitoring; Standard Complaints Committee of the HAP Board; members subject to removal.

4 Benefits of Peer-Regulation
Catalyst for change. Signal of credibility.

5 Limitations of Peer-Regulation
Regulatory burden. Ambiguity regarding practical application of the standards. Challenge of organisational diversity amongst member NGOs. Need to embed a ‘culture of accountability’.

6 Policy Recommendations
Creative thinking is needed about the way that accountability can be practiced and documented, other than through paper documentation. Need for wider consultation in revisions of the initiatives. HAP should be interpreted and applied in a more flexible way, to accommodate organisational diversity. Promote attitudinal shift towards accountability.

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