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Leading Edge 2020: Where Next for the MDGs? Olive Moore and Maeve Bateman, Trocaire.

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1 Leading Edge 2020: Where Next for the MDGs? Olive Moore and Maeve Bateman, Trocaire


3 Total Interviewees: breakdown by Country Base

4 Breakdown by Sector: MDG Analysis

5 Breakdown by Sector: Overall

6 Top Trends – Initial Findings Changing Geopolitics: Rise of China, Middle-Income Countries, BRICs Climate Change: environmental sustainability Conflict (resource shortages) Less resources & support for aid/ODA Changing climate of aid effectiveness, need to demonstrate results Inequality, Migration, Agriculture, Technology

7 MDGs: Still Relevant? Approximately half the interviewees to date believed they were still relevant, though many of these qualified that statement A quarter felt they had no relevance A quarter were ambiguous

8 Positive attitudes If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. I think of The MDGs as a very messy go together – Network, US The value added is around giving some general overall goals for everybody to keep their eye. -Consultant, Female, Bolivia

9 Positive Attitudes It has produced positive external pressure - no country wants to lag behind. – NGO Director, Female, Malawi The MDGs are a simple and clear articulation of what is required for human development. They are target-oriented, clear, simple, precise and helpful. INGO Director, Male, India

10 Attitudes: Mixed MDGs provide focus, something for people to rally around, but like other management targets, they skew the efforts towards narrow targets. INGO Director, Male, Italy While the MDGs are important they miss the point about how you get there. Its the wrong starting place for where we need to be post 2015 but that doesnt mean we throw it out at this point, we get what we can out of it. Think Tank, Female, UK

11 Attitudes: Negative The MDGs have no relevance; theyre poetry. At the present rate of implementation they will be achieved in 2155, not 2015. Priest and human rights activist, South Africa

12 Where next? MDGs After 2015 Options: Extend the deadline Revise/add new indicators and extend the deadline New Framework Come to an end with no replacement Difference between what people think should happen and what they think will happen

13 What next? Review and Revise The need to review and learn from the MDGs was highlighted by a significant number of interviewees Inclusion of new targets: climate change, energy, agriculture New Actors New Targets New Measurement

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