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HEPI-HEA Conference 2013 HEPI-HEA Conference 2013 University Admissions - the view from schools Mike Griffiths ASCL President,

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1 HEPI-HEA Conference 2013

2 HEPI-HEA Conference University Admissions - the view from schools Mike Griffiths ASCL President, 2013

3 HEPI-HEA Conference Personal Perspective taught A level for 40 years state comprehensive schools all with large sixth forms examiner at O level, A level sixth form tutor lectured at Sheffield Hallam University headship in Oxfordshire head of Northampton School for Boys since 2001

4 HEPI-HEA Conference Northampton School for Boys Boys comprehensive – on roll Girls admitted to 6 th form GM in 1993, Converter Academy 2010 Technology College since 1994 SCITT since National Support School Teaching School National reputation for various sports, music & drama

5 HEPI-HEA Conference The Power of Choice Choice by students why university? which subjects? which degree course? which university? Choice by university which applicants?

6 HEPI-HEA Conference Why choose university? financial investment? studying an area of interest to the highest level stepping stone to a career importance of value for money importance of Widening Participation

7 HEPI-HEA Conference What choice of subjects? importance of advice and guidance perverse incentive of accountability measures advice MUST be what is in best interest of the individual facilitating subjects openness and honesty re preferred combinations

8 HEPI-HEA Conference What choice of degree? WP - attraction for career-related? caution re sexy titles designed to attract publish nature of employment, not just %

9 HEPI-HEA Conference What university to choose? marketing course? location? type? bar?? student experience shared by social networks use community as ambassadors student volunteers in schools staff in visits, lectures, assemblies....

10 HEPI-HEA Conference Which applicants to choose? exercise responsibly no secret garden of unwritten criteria confused single minded academic or well rounded? independent v state sectors? is co-curriculum important? is personal statement considered?

11 HEPI-HEA Conference Which criteria to choose? do you consider: past performance GCSE AS predicted performance uncoupling of AS from A. level - effect?

12 HEPI-HEA Conference A. levels are changing modules going re-sit culture going increased rigour results WILL dip! Are universities prepared?

13 HEPI-HEA Conference Contextual data Robust? Reliable? Relevant? Current? Concerns re use of: school type state v independent selective v comprehensive school Ofsted grade post code parent education

14 HEPI-HEA Conference UCAS owned by HE must serve needs of students/schools as well as members welcome developments: bespoke personal statements revised website - one-stop-shop revision to scramble of clearing easier to navigate

15 HEPI-HEA Conference What schools want is: Partnership between HE institutions provide advice and support regionally Partnership between HE and groups of schools talks on student experience (NOT just finance!) specialist lectures visits to HE at younger ages undergraduates to assist on regular basis in schools Clarity to ensure appropriate IAG

16 HEPI-HEA Conference What schools do not want is: use of inappropriate contextual data secret gardens uncoupling of AS from A. level

17 HEPI-HEA Conference We want each student to make the right decision for him or her as to whether university is right for them and for universities to make fair decisions when choosing our students

18 HEPI-HEA Conference Whilst the information provided at this event was correct to the best of the knowledge of the presenters and organisers, neither ASCL nor ASCLProfessional Development can accept liability if at a later date this should prove not to be the case. Nor can they be held responsible for any errors or any consequences resulting from its use

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