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GREAT EXPECTATIONS Carl Gilleard Chief Executive AGR.

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1 GREAT EXPECTATIONS Carl Gilleard Chief Executive AGR

2 Student expectations must surely rise

3 Not forgetting the parents!

4 Going back a stage ……………………. Potential students, not just those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are more likely to consider the alternatives This will require effective careers and educational guidance – informed and impartial In choosing courses and institutions, student should have access to information on what they can expect including the outcomes for previous cohorts of students Informed decision making leads to: greater commitment rising ambition (and realism) higher levels of individual responsibility

5 What practical steps should be taken to help students prepare for life beyond university? Embed employability in the curriculum Institutional buy-in is essential All those involved in teaching and learning must be committed and play a part Tutors should monitor student progress - and not just in achieving academic goals Careers and support services should be adequately resourced Careers professionals should be less precious about guidance What can be done for those who drop out?

6 Why cant a university be more like a place of work? Students should expect: Learning environments that are closer to what they might expect in work Learning to encompass 21 st century work skills Support in finding work experience/internship opportunities Employer engagement in such areas as: Curriculum design Guest lecturing Skills development Careers, recruitment and networking activities Alumni interaction Support beyond university

7 Remember this?


9 Finally, to gain a great deal from their HE! Students must: Take their employability seriously Take control of their own learning, career and life Make use of social media networks including, to link with employers, job opportunities etc

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