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Creating authorised teachers: the leadership of CPD in a self-improving school system. Nick Sorensen Bath Spa University

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1 Creating authorised teachers: the leadership of CPD in a self-improving school system. Nick Sorensen Bath Spa University

2 Three aims Reconceptualising the advanced practitioner as the authorised teacher The authorised teacher in context Professional development in a self- improving school system.

3 My position 1.Relationship between practice and policy 2.Teaching as a complex activity 3.Growth mindsets: consistently good and continually improving 4.Teacher development as a long term process 5.Primacy of relationship between teacher and learner

4 My research focus What does it mean to be an advanced practitioner? A redefinition of good or best practice. What is the relationship between advanced practice and improvisation? Understanding sustainable teacher development.

5 Problem of experienced and expert practitioners when we go about the spontaneous, intuitive performance of the actions of everyday life, we show ourselves to be knowledgeable in a special way. Often we cannot say what we know Schon (1983) cited in Berliner (1986)

6 Improvisation and advanced practice Professional practice as a highly specific process but one that has similarities with others involving the performance of complex and diverse skills in real time and in contexts that are unpredictable and constantly evolving Atkinson, T and Claxton, G (2000) The Intuitive Practitioner Buckingham: Open University Press

7 Redefining good practice Conclusion: a vibrant democracy needs an open- ended approach to good practice, which remains within the control of reflexive and learning professionals, which remains sensitive to constantly changing local contexts, and which provides resources to deal appropriately with the complexities involved in its identification and dissemination. Coffield and Edward (2009)

8 The authorised teacher Reconceptualising good or best practice Authenticity Authorisation Authoring

9 A view of advanced practice Notions of advanced practice are, of necessity, jointly constructed as part of emergent, creative responses to the everyday, complex reality that teachers are engaged with. (Coombs & Sorensen 2010)

10 Contextualising the authorised teacher Action research movement (Stenhouse 1975) The Expert Pedagogue (Berliner 1986) Authentic leadership Coaching Masters level PPD – facilitating professional critical reflection Federations – sharing good practice (school improvement movement)

11 A golden age of teacher professionalism? Hargreaves + Fullan (2000) Four phases. 1.The pre-professional age (1870 -) 2.The age of the autonomous professional (1960s -) 3.The collegial professional (post NC) 4.The fourth age

12 The White Paper devolving power to the front line p3 decisive action to free our teachers from constraint and improve their professional status and autonomy p8 features of the strongest educational systems combine autonomy and accountability p 51 our aim should be to support the school system to be effectively self-improving p13

13 Creating a self improving school system Hargreaves, D.H. (2010) Clusters of schools (structure) Local solutions approach and Co-construction (two cultural elements) Systems leaders (the key people)

14 Systems leaders Introduced by Michael Fullan (2005) A value: a conviction to strive for success of all schools and all students A disposition to action: a commitment to work with others A frame of reference: role of servant leader for the greater benefit of the education system

15 Implications Teaching and leading go hand in hand (Barrington et al 2010) Self evaluative practices build leadership skills System leadership distributed at all levels Spending time in schools other than their own (learning walks)

16 Chickens and eggs Which comes first? School improvement CPD Should school improvement drive CPD or vice – versa?

17 Features of an autonomous education system Leadership of CPD distributed (within schools and across networks) Action research and enquiry into learner- centred practices to drive school improvement initiatives Learning walks – experiencing and evaluating other schools approaches Dissemination of evidences (accreditation?)

18 Conclusions White Paper offers opportunity for reclaiming professionalism Essential to ensure that CPD is recognised as a pro-active driver of school improvement Role for HEIs / external agencies – third space

19 Creating authorised teachers A theoretical model - Sorensen (2010) The authorised teacher Critical Reflective Practice Own school HEI Facilitator of CRP third space Sharing CRP Network Federation

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