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ESPON Action 1.1.3 Enlargement of the European Union and the wider European perspective as regards its polycentric spatial structure.

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1 ESPON Action 1.1.3 Enlargement of the European Union and the wider European perspective as regards its polycentric spatial structure

2 Lead partner Royal Institute of Technology Dept of Infrastructure Nordregio, Stockholm Institute of Community Studies/Casa, London ÖIR, Wien Spiekermann & Wegener, Dortmund Karelian Institute, Joensuu NTUA, Athens TNO Inro, Delft CEDRU, Lisboa ITPS, Stockholm Prague Inst for Global Urban Development, Praha Stanislaw Leszczycki Institute of Geography, Warszawa

3 ODEN - with Raven Partners Hugin and Munin In the Nordic mythology, Oden was the omniscient god, depending on his two flying messengers Hugin and Munin. Oden had sacrificed one of his own eyes to get full access to the knowledge accumulated in Mimer´s well. Oden also researched tacit and historic knowledge hanging under the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

4 ODEN Kick-off January 24-25 2003 Options for spatially balanced Developments in the ENlargement of the EU ESPON Action 1.1.3

5 Agenda Friday Jan 24 14.00 Words of Welcome Folke Snickars 14.05 ESPON update Peter Mehlbye 14.30 Research Programme Lars Olof Persson 15.00 Partners presentations (max. 15 min each). 18.00 Preliminary Work plan Lars Olof Persson 18.30 Comments Peter Mehlbye 5. Policy recommendations 20.00 Dinner together at Tennstopet

6 Saturday January 25, 2003 9.00 Towards a common conceptual and methodological framework. Introductions followed by discussion. Chair: Folke Snickars 12.00 Light lunch 13.00 Work plan Lars Olof Persson 14.30 Practicalities Lisa van Well 15.00 End of Workshop Evening on own

7 5 WPs 1. Conceptual Framework 2. Data & indicators 3. Diagnosis: Spatial tissue, polycentrism, discontinuties in CCs and border regions 4. Spatial impact of enlargement

8 ODEN´s Geographical Scope New EU Periphery and beyond Candidates New external and internal border regions Global integration zones EU 15 Geo Focus Less favoured regions Urban nodes NO and CH

9 Polycentricity and R-U in CC contexts Transition and Transformation Convergence within the Enlarged EU Accessibility Barriers Institutions WP 1 Developing the Theoretical Framework and Methods

10 Co-ordination Availability and Comparability CC data Collection Selection of Indicators Quantitative focus but also Qualitative Approaches WP 2 Data and Indicators

11 WP 3 Diagnosis of Spatial Structures in CCs and Border regions Flows, interaction, accessibility Identification of functional links/institutional barriers Emerging networks of cities, polycentricity, Co-operation and integration processes Convergence/divergence, wealth distribution

12 On sectoral structure, GDP, trade, investment, employment, migration in the regions Focus on least favoured and border region 2 scenario studies: Trends impacting Spatial Economy, Social Structures and Ecol Capital Impact Assessment of TEN and TINA WP 4 Spatial Impact of Enlargement on the EU and Accession Countries

13 Based on Diagnosis and Scenario WPs: Policy options for balanced spatial development Territorial cohesion Stakeholders participation and negotiations Need for diversified policy intervention SF after 2006 WP 5 Policy recommendations

14 Time-table Jan 2003-Dec 2005 Interim report 1 March 2003 Interim report 2 August 2003 Interim report 3 August 2004 Final report December 2005 WP1Overview concepts, method. Expanded terms and methodology WP2Data, indicators needed, to be col- lected, mapmaking Additional data collection accession countries Processing new database, More identification of indicators, mm method WP3Prel, results of EU spatial tissue, structure in CC Enlarg. Effects on CC, Update spat. tissue, structure, analysis cities, regions Prov. Final results on urban nodes, polycentrism, complementarities etc. Deepening knowledge spatial tissue in CC WP4Hypotheses on spattal effects Prel, indication spatial effects on enlargement Provision diagnose spatial effects of enlarg. On EU and CC Final diagnose, impact of enlargement on EU and CC WP5Indication policy recommendations Networking and coop.proposal, policy results Provision policy results Final policy recommendation Executive summ.

15 Work plan Jan-Aug 2003 Jan.- March 2003 Substantive: WP1, WP2, WP3, WP5 started Practical: Contract signed between LP and Partners March-August 2003 Substantive: WP4 started, other WPs continued Practical: First funds requested by invoice: July 2003 First Interim Report: March 31, 2003 Second Interim Report: August 31, 2003

16 1st Interim report – Content & inputs WP1. Terms & Methodology – 1 st list Saturday discussion & partner input WP2. Indicators, data and maps – 1 st list Nordregio + partner consensus WP3. Qual. hypotheses on problems/options on flows and current spatial structure in CC Literature review input from AP WP4. Qual. hypotheses on Spatial effects on enlargement Literature review input from AP WP5. 1 st Indications of policy recommendations

17 Addendum Adress data collection Justification of scenarios CC institutions as real partners Operational reports

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