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Action on Rights for Children (ARCH) The Information- Sharing Index.

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1 Action on Rights for Children (ARCH) The Information- Sharing Index

2 Existing Systems National Pupil Database Sure Start (pre-school) CONNEXIONS (13-19s) Predicting young offenders Police + CSP Systems

3 Planned Systems Information Sharing Index (IS) Common Assessment Framework (eCAF) Integrated Childrens System (ICS)

4 Information Sharing Index (1) Central hub for all agencies Individual file for each child Basic details from birth Directory of practitioners details to enable information-sharing National database partitioned into LAs

5 Information Sharing Index (2) Established under s12 Children Act 2004 Details to be prescribed in regulations Current consultation on regs Final regulations early 2007 Full operation 2008?

6 Information Sharing Index (3) name address gender date of birth parent contact details name +contact details of educational institution name + contact details of primary health care name + contact details of any other service working with child

7 Information Sharing Index (4) Sensitive services Mental health Substance abuse Sexual health Included with consent Remain hidden on Index LA decides whether to reveal details

8 Information Sharing Index (5) Indicators to show that a practitioner has: Taken action Information to share Completed CAF assessment

9 COMMON ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK (1) Standardised in-depth assessment tool for use by all agencies when a child: needs more services is not progressing towards 5 outcomes

10 COMMON ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK (2) The Five Outcomes: –Being healthy –Staying safe –Enjoying and achieving –Making a positive contribution –Achieving economic well-being

11 Funding IS Index: £224m + £41m pa eCAF and ICS: LAs + DfES grants

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